Saturday, November 13, 2010

We made it to Thailand!

We made it to Bangkok last night (Friday, Nov 12) after a stop in Chicago...

Check out the huge plane we got on in Chicago! Grant's always wanted to fly on a 'double decker.' ;)

and then a 13 hour flight to Seoul Korea...

Me napping in Korea.

... and finally a 5 hour flight to Bangkok!! We arrived around 9:00pm Bangkok time on Friday which was about 8:00am CST on Friday. It was a long ride but we were excited to finally arrive! I gotta mention the service on the Korean Airline we flew on the 13 hour flight was really nice. The asian stewardesses were all dressed cute and matchy to the airplane in turquoise shirts and cute things in their hair. The plane even had the screens on the backs of the seats so we could watch movies and play games!!

When we arrived in Bangkok, we made it through security, found our luggage and then met Achi and her family who were waiting for us. This was the first time any of us had met her mom Sukanya, her dad Sarewat and her sister Jing. They took us to the van that was waiting for us and we drove an hour and a half west of Bangkok to Kamphaen Sean and to Kasesart University where Achi's mom works and we're staying for a few nights (it's a government campus where they do a lot of research on different things like plants, agriculture, animals etc).

This picture is a little fuzzy - kind of how we felt after the long trip! Grant, Gary, Achi, Marla, Sukanya leaving the airport.

When we hopped in the van we realized the steering wheel is on the opposite side and they drive on the opposite side of the road here than in the US ;)

When we arrived on campus we were all exhausted so pretty much just went to sleep. We thought we would sleep at least 8 hours since we were so tired and it was midnight but, of course, we woke up at about 6am today (Saturday) which was about 5pm Friday in the US and we were starving ... maybe because it was supper time back home??? So confusing!! We fell asleep a little while longer and then got ready to go.

Achi's family picked us up around 10:30am and we went to tour the campus that Achi's mom works on (Achi is at class and we'll meet up with her after she's done).

Waiting in the lobby.

The room we stayed in.

Marla and Gary outside their room.

The dorm we stayed in at the university.

The van we rode around in. See the steering wheel on the opposite side? ;)

We saw a water buffalo and a bunch of cool palm trees and tried some Thai treats while we were looking around campus (I don't remember what the treats were called but they were made with sticky rice and coconut - good stuff!!).

Hey look at those things on the tree ;)

Stopping for a treat.

How does it smell, Grant?

The water buffalo that they use to keep the lawn mowed ;) Or at least that's what Sukanya told us.

The buffalo getting a bath after he was in the mud puddle. He was huge!! Grant and Gary wanted to pet him it looks like.

Now we're at Achi's family's house (they have a house on the campus since her mom works here) so we're taking advantage of the internet quickly and seeing where Achi grew up. ;)

Marla, Gary, Sukanya and Sarewat in the 'living room' area.

Outside the house.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to post next but I think for the rest of the day we're going to meet up with Achi and see some sights around here! Tomorrow I think we're going to Phetchaburi to see the crazy monkeys and maybe see where Achi's dad grew up! Hope all is well back home and we'll talk to you soon!!

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  1. Nice to hear from you guys! Glad you're having a good time so far. What have you been eating? Hot dogs and spaghettios?


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