Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Mom's Birthday

Thanksgiving day we spent at the Kalina's with Dave, Peg, Britt, Luke, Marla, Gary, Me and Grant. We had a good time eating lots of food, cracking jokes, and playing fruit salad. For some reason we were so into the games and fun that we didn't take any pictures :( dangit!

On Friday night we ventured to Melrose to watch the annual holiday lights parade with Uncle Darrell, Aunt Suzette, Jake, Jenna, Cody, Mom and Dad. It was a good time as usual ;) We all piled into the Impala at the farm and sang loudly the whole 3 miles to town before watching the parade and then the fireworks. Afterwards we had some hot cocoa and watched the snowmobiling trip movie Grant had made.

Saturday was another Thanksgiving and a birthday celebration for Mom! The Stanleys joined us for lots of food and visiting as well as a round of Banana-grams that Heather won, of course. The other Hinnenkamps came over in the evening so Chris could tutor Jake on some math problems and we ate lots of pie (that Mom made from scratch with crust 'as tender as her heart' hehe) and birthday cake!

Hinnenkamp Family Photo 2010
Front: Chris, Bear, Me, Junebug, Grant and Everest
Back: Heather, Ella, Mom and Dad

Schnell Family Photo ;)
Grant, Everest, Me and Junebug

Ella with Gramma Vickie and Grampa Marv

We had lots of fun at the Thanksgiving festivities!

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