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Thailand - Around Nakhom Pathom

We haven't had internet for a few days but now we're in Chiang Mai at a hotel and it has some internet so I figured I'd try to do a few updates! It's actually Tuesday the 16th here at about 9pm so I think it's Tuesday at about 8am in MN?? This computer (or blogger?) is confused though and if I try to put the current date and time in Thailand it tells me it'll post when it is that date ... so I'll back date this and update from where I left off in the last post!

After touring the campus/university where Achi's mom, Sukanya works (and where we stayed the first three nights), we went to pick Achi up at her college in Nakhon Pathom. Then we all went to eat at a little restaurant near there. It was a cute place and it was all open in the front (no windows or walls) and the kitchen was right by the sidewalk in the open.

The kitchen.

A lot of places and restaurants are like that - no walls or anything - mostly just a roof and sometimes a couple walls on some sides. Achi and her family ordered for us since everything was in Thai and we were slackers and didn't learn our Thai before we came ;)

Hm. Sure I'll have some of that ;)

I had some chicken on rice - good stuff!

And Grant had noodles with spinach and shrimp. Both of our meals came with some spicy sauce on the side at Achi's request because she thought it might be too spicy for us to have it all mixed in ;) Grant's was way more spicy than mine and made my nose run ;)

Sukanya and Jing.

After we ate we walked down the street to look around the Sanam Chandra palace. There were several different, pretty buildings built by one of the previous Thai kings.

Achi and her family!

The whole crew (except Jing who's taking the pic ;) Sukanya, Achi, Me, Grant, Dad Gary, Mom Marla and Sarewat!

A cool shrine and you can see the golden pragoda if you look through the middle of the bottom.

Grant and I in a little gazebo where they had food you could throw in the water to feed the fish and ducks.

Afterwards, Achi and her sister, Jing, bought a snack that was some kind of crispy crepe with chocolate and bananas inside - very tasty!

Then it was off to see what Achi and her family called the Golden Pagoda. It was huge and pretty awesome to see - we read that it is the most sacred site in Thailand. It is a big upside-down cone shaped kind of temple.

The outside was all tiles and there were different Buddhas all around it that you could pray for different things by.

Some of them you apparently prayed to depending on what day you were born on. So, Grant tried it out too after Achi and Jing explained to him what to do!

Me and Grant by a funky statue that someone said looked like Grant ;)

Then Achi showed us a ritual they do with a burning stick, a flower, and some pieces of gold metal. You light the sticks, pray for whatever you want, lay the flowers by the Buddha, and then stick your gold piece onto the Buddha. We all tried it out ;)

After learning about how they pray, we walked all around and saw a huge laying-down Buddha inside another room - that was pretty cool. Just a side note - almost every building we go into we have to take our shoes off.

There were tons of vendors set up outside so we walked through and Grant bought some food thing that resembled an egg roll - it was good just like all the other food we've tried so far! Jing bought some Pepsi and they poured it in a small plastic bag that she drank out of ;) we'd never seen that before!

Driving back towards Kamphaeng Sean and the campus we were staying at was crazy! There was a lot of traffic and it seems people kind of drive all over the place ;) a lot of places have two lanes but everyone kind of makes it three lanes. People drive in between lanes and swerve all over and use the shoulder and seem to drive whatever speed they want! At one point we stopped to wait for a train and there were cars and motorcycles lined up on both sides of the road - it looked like we were all going to crash but somehow everyone went around each other.

Not to mention it's hard to get used to people being on the opposite side of the road than we're used to!

Afterwards we went out to eat supper - again to a place that was just open on the sides and they cooked right out by the sidewalk. We picked a spot to sit and another thing that seems to be common is there are pieces of paper at the table and pens so you just write what you want and give it to the server instead of them taking your order (well, so far Achi or her sister Jing have been ordering for us ;)

This time we got two big bowls of rice and then several different things to put on top. One they said was more spicy and had some white mushrooms that Achi's dad, Sarewat said translated to 'white rat mushrooms.' There were some kind of noodles and squid and other seafood with it too. Grant and Gary really liked that one. There was another mixture that was lemony and a little spicy also with seafood. The shrimp they give you here has all the parts to it still - tail, legs and everything! There was another dish I liked that had cashews and chicken and was really good. It was a little spicy for Marla so they got another dish for her that was more like soup. Finally, we got some fish and we tried two kinds of beer - Singha and Leo. They were both light but Singha was more hoppy. It was so much food! We kept saying we were full so Jing taught us to say 'imm laew' in Thai which means I'm full!

After eating we stopped at a grocery store to get some stuff for Sunday's breakfast. It was interesting to see everything in the store. There were huge bulk bags of rice for sale ;) We also saw one of Achi's teachers - whenever you meet someone you bow and put your hands together by your face like you're praying and saw sawatdee ka if you're female and sawatdee crap if you're male. They dropped us off back at the university and we were really tired again so just went to bed to get ready for another day!

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  1. At least you are not going hungry.I am sure there will be too many things to see in too short a time.
    Thanks for the update!!
    Dad and Mom


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