Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flying home today :(

Tonight we fly out of Bangkok. So, today we're just hanging out around Kasetsart University Campus. We're visiting with Achi and her family at their house right now so I'm borrowing the internet ;) Marla's not feeling well so she's back at the room sleeping. If she feels better in time we might go see the Grand Palace before we fly out. I'll let you know when we make it to Chicago sometime Sunday morning!!
The whole time we were in Thailand Grant kept talking about how he wanted to drive a scooter. So, the last day, Achi brought her scooter to where we were staying so Grant could try it!
Getting instructions ;)
Grant and I goin for a ride!

Achi kept talking about these 'commodores' and how gross they are and that they live all around the area. We saw one from the car one day and today we saw another and got a pic! It's a big reptile thingy - cool!

Jing, Sukanya, Sarewat and Achi at their house.

We had some fried noodles for lunch on campus.

And some yummy dessert.

Then we went and checked out the challenge course.

Achi trying out the rope bridge.

Grant made it all the way across! Totally thought he was gonna go for a swim in that murky water!

Check out this elliptical on water! Achi couldn't quite figure out how to steer it - she had some issues getting back to the dock ;)

Me and Grant on another rope thing.


Achi's turn!

Grant on the SonSport stuff again. He loved it ;)
We stopped at Sukanya's sister's house to have supper before heading to the airport.
Marla still wasn't feeling well so rested here. We had some craziness trying to figure out if they could switch their flight back and then we made several stops at several doctors until they got a note saying she wasn't well enough to fly. So, Grant and I went with Achi, Sarewat and Sukanya into Bangkok and they dropped us off at the airport while Gary and Marla went back to the campus to stay another night. They ended up getting a flight back to the US a couple days later when Marla was feeling better - thank goodness!
We had a great time experiencing Thailand!! Thank you Achi, Sukanya, Sarewat and Jing!!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of travels. Now is the sad part you are on your home. Can't wait to see the pictures!
    See you soon!

  2. The internet says you're in Seoul now. Have a good flight back to the US! Talk to you tomorrow! :o)


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