Sunday, November 14, 2010

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Phetchaburi

I'm catching up on posts so there is one more before this one that I just posted from our first full day in Thailand! Here's a post from our second day ...

Today we woke up early again - around 5am! But we'd gone to bed early too since we were so tired last night (maybe the jet lag will wear off soon)! We ate our banana muffins and some strawberry and blueberry sticks we'd gotten at the grocery store last night. Achi and her family had said they'd pick us up at "8 and 10 minutes" so we were ready then and waited out in the front lobby until they showed up around 8:30am ;)

Once they picked us up we started making our way to Phetchaburi. Again we all were amazed at the driving ;) it's kind of a free for all it seems! People are riding in the back of trucks or in the little motorcycle side cars flying down what looks like the freeway! We also see a lot of motorcycles with several people crammed on them - sometimes 3 to 4 or even 5! We stopped at a gas station on the way and I experienced my first squat toilet ;)

A little tricky to get used to. And no flushing - just dump some of that water down. And don't forget your toilet paper! But some places make sure you don't put it in the toilet if there are signs saying not to.

Our first destination today on the way to Phetchaburi was the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

We're never quite sure what our itinerary for the day will be but it's always something good! Achi told us now the floating market is mostly just for tourists but back in the day the people made the canal so they could take boats between towns since they didn't have cars. Then people also sold their goods by boat. We got to get in one of the boats and go through it! It was pretty cool ... also a little crazy like the roads ;) hehe ... There were so many boats - they said keep your fingers in because the boats just scrape by each other.

We took two boats so we'd all fit. Here's me, Jing, their cousin, and Sukanya (Grant was in our boat too).

Fresh fruit for sale.

This stuff was yuuuumy! Some kind of gooey yummy banana stuff.

The other boat. heheee. Marla, Gary, Sarewat and Achi in the middle.

People are yelling and trying to give you things to get you to buy them and boats are trying to get by and it's craziness but pretty neat!

Achi's mom knew one of the vendors and he hopped in our boat. He gave us some hats to wear and when we'd go by people selling things he'd grab stuff and pay them later. Sukanya (Achi's mom) said he knows everyone. It was pretty funny to see and hear him talking with everyone.

Part way through we stopped at a building where they were boiling coconut juice. Grant and I got to help stir it for awhile :)

It turns into some sugary hard stuff and was pretty tasty. They also made it into some kind of clear sugary juice that was also good. We got back in the boats and made our way back to where we started.

Achi's mom knew some people off the canal who were selling some animal food on the corner so we talked to them for awhile. Then we left to go have lunch and they all met us there. This place was another open restaurant and again we got tons of food! They gave us all rice and then a bunch of different things to put on top. Grant liked one that was all squid stuff. I liked one that was a yellow curry with some kind of crab where you eat the whole thing - you don't take it out of the shell it's just soft and you can eat it. There was another good one with veggies and some kind of deer meat (barking deer apparently?). There was also some battered shrimp with yellow sauce over it that was excellent.

The whole crew at lunch.

All kinds of good food!

The little restaurant we ate at.

When we left, Achi told us how to thank the people who met us there. If you are female you say kawp kun ka and if you are male you say kawp kun crap :) I'm sure we'll be fluent in Thai by the time we leave! hehe...

After eating we drove farther south to Phetchaburi. We could see the mountains as we got closer. When we got into town we saw the monkeys on the side of the road! We parked and started walking up to Phranakhon Khiri. It was one of the king's summer palaces up on a mountain. All the way up the monkeys were everywhere.

A mom and baby monkey - ahh cute.

They were pretty cute but not very friendly. At one point Grant said 'ling bah' to one which means crazy monkey in Thai (again practicing to be fluent in Thai soon ;) and then the monkey came at him and showed it's teeth! Grant also had some fruit so they all kept coming up to him cuz they knew he had it. He had to dodge several of them and then he threw some to them and they'd catch it. So funny!

It was so funny to watch the monkeys catch the fruit Grant was throwing to them.

Hahaa! Monkeys everywhere.

Dodging monkeys!

Look at this guy doing a little tight rope walking on the powerlines!

Once we got to the top we had an awesome view all around us! So pretty!

Sarewat had bought some cold towels for us since it was super hot and he was carrying them in a bag. All of a sudden a monkey jumped at him and grabbed the bag! Then Grant went up to the monkey and grabbed it back! He really wanted to start a fight with them I think :)

Nice mohawk, dude ;)

Phetchaburi is near where Sarewat grew up so we saw his high school and then met two of his brothers, his sister, and his 93 year old mom!

Both brothers have stores that I think are both pharmacies. They're both on the same street and they live behind or above the stores so we visited for awhile. Then we stopped by another of his brother's house but he wasn't home. Two of the brother's sons were home though so we visited for awhile. We got to see their banana trees, papaya trees and another Thai fruit.


Papaya. They pronounce it 'papa' 'ya'

Achi showing off her scooter driving skills ;)

A lot of houses have their own little shrine.

We drove by some rice fields on the way back to Kamphaeng Sean. We also saw a lot of cattle - they didn't have them in fences - instead they were just tied up along the road. We drove back about an hour and a half to where we were staying on the campus and then stopped for supper. Again we had rice with a bunch of different things to put on top. This time none of it was very spicy. One dish had mushrooms and shrimp, another had a bunch more seafood like squid, etc and there were a few more. It seems they've all been different so far and all really good! A new thing tonight was they served us a whole fish - head, tail, fins and all. it had some kind of batter on it and was very tasty. After eating we just headed back to our room and went to bed :)


  1. ASHLEY!!! You are SO good at keeping up on your blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping us all up to date on all the fun and interesting things you are doing! I ESPECIALLY love hearing about all of the fun food you guys get to try! And I've been Google Imaging all of the places you mention so I can feel like I'm there (can't wait to see the real pics!). The floating market made me sad b/c it looks pretty much like THE COOLEST thing in the world and I'm sad that we are not there too! ha! Damn, us Johnsons need to prioritize our life...did we just choose a furnace over a trip to the floating market in Thailand!?!? IDIOTS!!! Miss you guys! xoxox, Ang

  2. Ok so you had crazy monkeys and crazy Grant that is a combination!!!!
    Food food food!

  3. I especially love the pictures in this post, Ash. The one of Gary in the boat with the little umbrella cracks me up. I still think that should have been Marla and Gary's Christmas card this year! :o)


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