Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chiang Mai Thailand

From our hotel room this morning (the hotel was called Sirinart Garden Hotel) we could see the whole city of Chiang Mai and a cool golden pagoda shaped temple. Marla and Gary's room is on the opposite side and they can see the mountains. The mountains around here are pretty - covered with green jungly kinds of trees and plants. We had breakfast at a little restaurant. We had some soup-like food again with rice and some little things that look like they would be sweet but really they have meat in them - pork, shrimp, etc.

Outside the restaurant we ate at.

Then we headed up the mountain called Doi Suthep to see the Wat Doi Suthep. Before starting up the mountain we prayed to this monk for a safe trip. Apparently he is the one who led the project of creating the road and temple we were going to.

The flowers we gave the monk statue.

We drove the van up and then climbed a bunch of steps to get up to the temple. It was pretty awesome - flashy gold everywhere and neat architecture. There were pretty flowering trees and decorations everywhere.

Marla and Gary catching a photo op.

The stairs up to the temple.

Us and the temple.

Sarewat describing something to Gary. Those two were always having some deep discussions. I wonder if they really knew what they were each saying ;)

The view of the mountains and jungle.

Us and a nice elephant statue ;)

Grant praying at one of the shrines.

I joined him :)

The happy buddha!

Woo check it out.

Buddhas everywhere.

Another buddha.

So many gorgeous shrines.


Marla and Gary and the shrine.

After we were done looking around we stopped at an orchid and butterfly farm. The flowers were gorgeous!

Me at the orchid farm.

Ohhh so pretty!

See how they have them growing with no dirt?

Then it was tim to eat again ;) We had some soup with noodles and beef or pork. Sukanya also ordered some treats - one was gooey banana stuff that was deeeelicious!

The other was kind of like a fried crepe with chocolate - both very tasty!

We headed farther north then to a town called Phrao where they were having a rice fair. Students from where Sukanya works were there. They did a rice harvesting competition...

and then Grant got to try it!

Close up of the rice.

Grant demonstrating the height of the rice.

Some rice drying.

Rice fields ...

We also watched another game where they dumped eels into the water where they had harvested the rice and people had to grab them and run them to a bucket. Ewww but pretty funny! We met some people from the US who had started a non profit organization teaching women to weave who didn't have any income otherwise because they don't own any land. They found them a place to weave and taught them how. It was interesting to hear their story.

When we got back to Chiang Mai we stopped at a little market to look around. Then we had supper - rice again with a bunch of toppings. A couple of them we had tried before - a vegetable called morning glory with garlic and another with all veggies as well as a few others with fish and stuff. So much food but all really good!

We learned a couple new words today too. Sanook means fun and arroi means good taste! And that was about it for another day in Thailand :)

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  1. The temple pics are beautiful. You should frame some of those.


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