Friday, November 19, 2010

Ayutthaya Thailand

We stayed at Kasetsart Campus again last night and this morning ate at the cafeteria. We had rice again with some fixings ;) Then we drove about an hour and a half north to Ayutthaya. Apparently that was the capital of Thailand about 600 years ago. We walked around and saw some cool old temple ruins, watched people riding elephants, saw a very large buddha and did some shopping at a market! We love Thai markets ;)

Grant praying to the humongous Buddha!

Just a lil' shoppin ;)

Grant trying out the hammock we bought later. Because we have so many trees at our townhome?! I guess we just couldn't resist and maybe someday we'll have trees!

A tasty treat that's like a really thin crepe that you put some stringy sugar inside and roll up to eat! It even talked about this in our 'Thailand' book. Apparently, it's something you have to get when you're in Ayutthaya!

Then we had lunch at a cute little place not far from there. Grant, Marla and I had pad thai - yum! Grant also had a coconut drink ;)

Sukanya and Sarewat had some new food we hadn't seen before. It had some veggies and fish and then some noodles separately and you mix it up with whatever you want. After lunch we stopped at another temple and saw 'Big Buddha' as Sarewat called it. Even bigger than the last one!!

Us and Buddha ;)

Can you believe how big that is??? You should have seen it in person!! Crazy! See the people kneeling at the bottom of the pic? And there's Grant taking a pic down there ;)

It was huge and pretty awesome to see!! Apparently it is the biggest one Sarewat said. They were doing a ceremony where they were putting orange cloths draped around its shoulder. It's pretty cool they let us take part in all these things. Grant got right in there and knelt down and had some cloths on his head and everything. Apparently the guy next to him put it on him ;) The temple was called Phanan Choeng.

Then we also stopped and checked out the Bang Pa-In Palace. It was very pretty!

Lots of turtles swimming around in the water!

Kids going home from school outside the palace.

After we were done we met Achi and Jing for pizza at a place called the Pizza Company in Nakhon Pathom.

We also had some DQ for dessert ;) It was American food night tonight! It was interesting to see the sizes of their DQ blizzards - I'm pretty sure their large is the size of that new itty bitty small one we have in America.

Maybe that's a clue we need to downsize a little :) hehe. It was tasty though and they had some different flavors like green tea blizzard?! We stopped at a shopping place to get some treats too and I saw some shrimp flavored Pringles?! Fun stuff.

Grant and Achi at the store.

Then we just headed back for some sleep!

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