Monday, November 15, 2010

Around Kanchanaburi, the River Kwai and headed to northern Thailand

This morning we had breakfast at the cafeteria on the campus where we stayed (also where Sukanya works). We ate rice with some kind of egg mixture along with some pork sausage stuff. It was tasty!

Today we got a new van to ride around in - pretty high class. It's fancy. Some kind of Toyota diesel something or other. Gary knows all about it ;) he's been observing every car and motorcycle or engine we pass.

After breakfast we headed west to Kanchanaburi. We hiked around a place called Sai Yoknoi where we checked out a waterfall.

Me and GW :)

We decided to get a closer look by going up to the water ;) Those rocks looks slippery but they weren't at all. Crazy.

We also learned that noi=small :) We bought some yummy dried/fried bananas and another kind of Thai fruit.

After that stop we headed to an elephant camp to ride an elephant! Marla and Gary got on one and Grant and I on another. It was pretty funny! Not like riding a horse at all ;) heh heh ...

We sat in a seat and then the driver dude sat on the elephant's neck and it looked like he was steering him by kicking his feet at the elephant's ears. Or maybe I was imagining that. Anyways, it was a good time! Our elephant was pretty speedy and our driver guy was funny. I think he took about a thousand pictures of us.

Then we stopped for lunch at a market place on the River Kwai. We had pad thai and tom yam - excellent food again!

Mmm ... a little Tom Yam.

Yummy Pad Thai!!

Gary and Sarewat enjoying lunch.

Then we walked across the bridge made famous in the movie 'Bridge over the River Kwai.'

Grant on the bridge over the river Kwai ;)

View of the mountains from the bridge.

Afterwards we drove north a few hours to Suphan Buri. We walked through the 100 year market called Samchuk I think (sometimes I'm not sure if we're getting the right names but hopefully close!!). There were lots of small streets and lots of scooters (originally they used pedal bikes but now everyone has scooters). The prices were very reasonable because it is a local market and not a 'tourist trap' as Grant said.

Marla and Gary walking through the market.

We continued north after that to Doem Bang Nang Boet (sp?). Sukanya's brother lives near there and runs a zoo owned by the government. We arrived and ate supper with them in an open hut kind of building on the grounds that he upkeeps and where they live. There were some cute white dogs there and I think they said one of their names was Dollar ;) The bugs got kind of bad after dark but that's really the first time we've seen any bugs while we've been here. But, it was good food and good company and another good day!!

The room we stayed in at Sukanya's brother's place by the zoo.

Pretty sunset over the lake by their house.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics, Ash!

  2. P.S. Did you see Bill Clinton in Bangkok? Apparently, The Hangover 2 is currently filming there, and the word around town is that Bill was there filming a cameo within the last week.

  3. hehe ... we've been kind of in the 'suburbs' of bangkok so no i didn't see him ;) maybe on our way to the airport today!

  4. I will have to show these elephant pics to Ella. I bet she will spit at them. Also, she will probably say "aw-ee" since you're in them. :o)


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