Saturday, October 23, 2010

SCSU Homecoming 5k

Once again Heather talked me into running a 5k with her ;) hehe ... it was a fun time actually and we all survived!

Attaching our chips and our numbers.

Me, Jenna and Heather. It was a lot chillier than it looks here.

Miles 1 and 2 ... not so bad.

Still smiling before mile 3. Good thing there aren't any pictures of mile 3; that one was a little rougher ;)

And here are the results:
plain text results

results main page

Place, Div/Tot, No., Name, City, St, Age, Sex, Time, Pace
149, 12/46, 340, Heather Stanley, Sartell, MN, 31, F, 26:18, 8:28
166, 25/101, 313, Ashley Schnell, Sartell, MN, 26 F, 26:49, 8:38
332, 35/46, 241, Jenna Mentele, Long Prairie, MN, 31, F, 33:59, 10:57

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