Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Hurrah at Little Birch

This weekend we stayed at the cabin on Little Birch on Friday night for a little 'last hurrah.' Here is what I found that morning when I was getting ready to leave for work!

Oh Everest, you can't come with this weekend!

Junebug says "Come on, Everest, you have to stay here with me this weekend."

We made supper over the fire and played all evening!

Ella's all bundled up to go outside!

Ella made many trips up and down the hill practicing her walking skills ;)

Gramma Vickie and Grant playing with Ella.

Then we all sat around the fire and visited.

Ella hanging out by Grampa Marv.

The next day the sunrise was pretty cool ;) I quick ran outside to snap some pics!

Can't wait for next summer at the lake!!!

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  1. I remember you going out early. Nice pictures!!!!



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