Sunday, October 17, 2010

Horse Camping!

So, Grant's not usually much for riding horse but he said if we could pack all of our camping gear on the horses and ride out to a spot to camp, he'd go. So, we took him up on the offer and Uncle Darrell, Jake, Cody, Grant and I packed everything on the horses and rode out to a piece of land that my other uncle, Glenn, owns to camp for the weekend (ok we cheated a little and Jake brought a hay rack out there to tie the horses to and he hauled water out for the horses too :).

Saddling up and getting ready to ride out. Jake and Vandy, Indy (who I rode), Uncle Darrell and Ransom, Buck and Grant, Frosty and Cody (can't see Cody over there).

All packed up! Grant on Buck and Jake on Vandy.

Cody on Frosty and Uncle Darrell on Ransom. There's my aunt Suzette going into the 'bunkhouse' too ;)

A nice evening for a ride.

Buck and Grant in the back. Cody on Frosty in the front.

Setting up the teepee tent we made!
Jake and Grant.

Starting a fire to make supper.

Jake on fire duty.

There was a little commotion during the night. One of the horses was kicking the others. So, we had to get up and re-arrange how they were penned/tied up.

Grant in his nice one piece undies checking on the horses the next morning.

Time for a fire and breakfast in the morning! Does this place have biscuits and gravy??
Jake, Grant and Cody

Uncle Darrell and Grant enjoying their biscuits and gravy.


Suzette even came out with the pooches to visit us!

Doji and Cody

Our campsite.

We all went out to gather some firewood for the evening fire ;) That's Grant with an armful.

And then Jake shows up with one piece. Nice ;)

So, Jake and Indy had to go fetch some big logs for us to use as seats since they slacked on the firewood hauling.

We rode back to the 'bunkhouse' for lunch in the afternoon and then went for a little ride through the woods out to the lake afterwards.

Jake on Indy and Grant on Buck

Uncle Darrell on Vandy

Grant on Buck, Jake on Indy and Cody on Frosty.

The lake.

Jake, Ransom and Me.

After we got back from our ride we took a nap and then had some visitors in camp!Cody, Dad, Heather, Me, Mom, Darrell

Heather, Ella and Me.

Mom, Me and Grant

Grant enjoying the fire.

Grant Walter


Ahhh warm fire.

Cody and Uncle Darrell

This is the life ...


  1. I like the that last picture with the fire and the boots around it.

  2. that's a great story. i love all the pictures. that one of grant in his undies might be the funniest one. heh heh. :o)


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