Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

Halloween weekend started out on Saturday with a trip to the Hinnenkamps!

Ella the pink poodle.

Grant, Jake and I went for a little horse ride on Buck, Indy and Ransom.

After the horse ride we had some supper and then started in on the pumpkin carving! Grant, Jake, Ella, Me, Cody and Mom.

Jake, Me, Ella eating pumpkin, Suzette and Cody.

The finished product!

After pumpkin carving we headed to Richmond for some bowling!
Kory the AI Tech, the two cows Sandy and Me, along with Grant the farmer. ha!

Best cow pals ;)

Our bowling scores weren't so hot but the costumes were a hit!

On Halloween day Grant and I stopped by the Stanleys to trick or treat and then went over to the Johnsons for a scary movie and lots of candy! Grant, Ella and Me.

Happy Halloween!!

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