Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Afternoon of Climbing at Taylor's Falls (Interstate State Park)

The weekend turned out to be great weather so Grant, Jake and I decided to meet Erik and Nicole in Taylor's Falls for a day of climbing!

Jake and I getting ready.


Nicole trying a tricky move.

Grant trusting Jake with his life ;)


Doing a little top roping.

Nicole and Grove watching the climbing action.

Grant's turn to belay Jake.

Jake making his way to the top.

Grove belaying me.

Me trying that move Nicole was on but I didn't make it and just went the easier way ;)

Grove's turn on top rope.

Jake made it all the way!

Grove, those look like steps you're on ;) hehe

Jake borrowing some random chair he found to take a break.

Grove on his way up.

We had a great time climbing in the awesome weather!!

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