Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Horse Show!

All summer my cousin Jake and I have been riding horse after work on Wednesdays. He wanted to ride more to practice up for the Champ Show and I thought it might be fun to ride more and then try doing some games at a Fun Day horse show. Now that it's the end of the summer Jake's saddle club was having their last Fun Day so I went and rode Ransom in it :) heh heh. It was pretty funny and I had no idea of really what to do but here are some pics and footage of the action courtesy of the Stanleys!

Me on Ransom and Jake on Indy.

Cody watching the horse riding.

Here's my attempt at barrels. Ok, so I need to practice - but it was fun!

Here's pole weaving (well, attempting to weave anyways - those poles are a lot closer than they seem!). Cody's doing the video camera work on this one ;)

Ella and Heather watching.

Cody and Darrell watching too.

Umm and then key race - not sure what happened here ;)

Here's the more experienced rider, Jake, doing barrels.

Go, Jake, Go!

And Jake doing pole weaving. You'll notice my aunt Suzette doing the announcing ;)

Here's Uncle Darrell doing ring and spear.

Brody and Angie stopped by to watch too!
Ransom, Me, Jake, Indy, Angie, Cody and Brody.

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  1. My fav part of your ride videos is during the key race when Suzette says, "Ok, ride 'em like the wiiiind! Duh duhn duh duh duhn duuuuuh!" Heheehehehehe.


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