Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day: A Full Weekend of Camping, Climbing and Hiking near Sandstone and then Biking the Wobegon Trail and Sailing on Little Birch!

The holiday weekend started off with a trip to Sandstone to hang out with Erik and Nicole. We arrived at Robinson Park in the evening and set up camp and then made a fire and visited until we were too tired to stay up anymore ;) It was a little chilly at night but we all survived and the next morning we relaxed and made breakfast until it warmed up for the day.

Nicole and Erik

Time for a little climbing!
Grant belaying Erik on a sport lead.

Grant's turn to sport lead.

Grant almost made it to the top! There was a hard move right by the top and since he wasn't top roping he wasn't as daring as usual ;)

My turn! I was on top rope ;)

Nicole's turn on top rope too!

Grant and Erik watching.

Nicole at the hard part - she made it!

After climbing and then a little lunch we headed out for a hike along the Kettle River. There was a lot of log walking involved.

Lots of evidence of beavers.

Pretty waterfall - you might recognize this from when Angie and I did this hike in the spring during the Kettle River Paddle Fest! We got a little lost that time though and took some different routes than we did this time ;)
Nicole making her way across the creek (hehe - when Ang and I did this we crossed that creek THREE TIMES! We were confused - you really should only have to cross it once ;)

Erik and Nicole

Grant and Me

Hiking back to camp.

After the hike and some supper it was time for a little slack lining, of course ;)
Erik giving it a try with assistance from Grant.

Nicole's turn

And then Grant

We spent the night at Robinson Park on Saturday and then headed back home on Sunday. Next it was off to Melrose to bike the Wobegon Trail to Freeport with the Hinnenkamps and Stanleys.
Jake, Suzette, Darrell, Heather, Chris, Ella, Dad

Made it to Freeport!

Ella enjoyed her ride in her new bike trailer.

And just when you thought the activities were done for the weekend - after biking we went to Little Birch to do a little sailing on Sunday evening! It was a great night for sailing and Grant took me for a ride and then took Jake out too.
Grant with his dinghy

Monday was a little cloudy and overcast but Grant and I took our canoe out to get a feel for which paddles we want to take to the Boundary Waters the last weekend in September! Jake took the kayak out and paddled along with us. It was another activity-packed, fun weekend!

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