Monday, September 27, 2010

Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Day 4: Paddling out from Hudson to Lake 1

Day number 4 turned out to be a cloudy day just like when we paddled in to the BWCA. At least when we woke up and had to start packing it wasn't raining! We had some Co-Co Wheats for breakfast and packed up camp. :(

All loaded up and ready to go.

It was still a pretty paddle even in the clouds! We were really sore and tired though from the last few days of paddling.

We did the 3 portages from Hudson to Lake 4 and the rain even held off for us to paddle across Lake 4 and 3. We did have a little head wind on those lakes so we started to feel our soreness even more ;)

We stopped for lunch between Lakes 3 and 2 and then we could see the rain clouds definitely moving in. We quick ate and got back in the canoe to paddle some more before the rain started. Somewhere on Lake 2 it started to sprinkle. And then it started to lightening and thunder. And then I was like 'ummm we better get off of the middle of the lake. This is a bad idea!' So, we paddled hard to the portages between Lakes 2 and 1. We had thought we were going to camp on Lake 2 for our last night but since we were getting soaked we decided we might as well just do the two portages and paddle through Lake 1 to the take out.

The end of our canoe trip :( Packing up the car to head to Babbitt to spend the night at Auntie Jean and Uncle Kevin's before making the trip back south to Sartell.

Grant called his Uncle Kevin to see what they were up to and tell them we came out a night early because of the rain. They were actually in Duluth shopping for a car so we killed some time at a couple gift shops and checked out the Ely Wolf Center! It's funny how when you're in the woods you really don't notice how smelly you probably are. When you get back into civilization and see other people suddenly you realize what you really must smell like. Ha. But we walked around town anyways ;)

Sleepy wolves.

There were three wolves and they were all snoozing ;)

It turned out to be a fun, relaxing trip to the BWCA! We'd definitely do it again :)

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  1. I liked the wolf center. They are powerful animals



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