Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Day 3: Day Trip to Lake Insula

On day 3 in the BWCA we woke up to frost! We both got a little chilly at some point during the night and when we got up we realized it must have gotten pretty cold. It made for a pretty morning though!

Frosty canoe.

Fog on the lake.

Grant starting some oatmeal for breakfast.

Our tent back in the trees.

We paddled out of camp pretty early for our day trip around Insula. We were able to leave everything set up since we were staying at our spot on the island on Lake Hudson two nights in a row.

Made it through the 95 rod portage from Hudson to Insula!

Another pretty day!

Almost forgot our self portrait!


Pretty sunshine on the lake.

Somewhere around the middle of the day we stopped at a random campsite on the lake and had lunch. When we walked up on the shore we saw a roughed grouse so that was cool. There were also a lot of bald eagles flying around throughout the day.

Just paddling.

It doesn't get much better.

We paddled around Lake Insula to something that was marked on the map as 'The Rock.' If you've ever been to the BWCA you know there are a lot of rocks. I mean you could be paddling around in the middle of a lake and scrape on a rock. It's crazy. So, we figured 'The Rock' must be something impressive. So, we paddled and paddled and got to 'The Rock.' And we weren't very impressed. It looked like all the other thousand islands. Hmm. Why did this one get a special name and mark on the map?

Shortly after 'The Rock' we stopped on another rock to have a little snack ;)

We got back to camp pretty early so had time to relax, read a book, make supper and then start a campfire for the evening.

Back at camp - see the grouse up in the tree?

Pretty sunset from our campsite on Hudson.

Grant making a little fire.

At some point while we were sitting by the fire we heard what sounded like a cow mooing. We thought maybe it could be a moose and Uncle Kevin confirmed that idea when we talked to him after we were out of the BWCA.

It was another fun day in the Boundary Waters!


  1. I am always looking forward to each day!!! The pictures were great and a very nice quiet video.

  2. yeah it's crazy how quiet it was! especially at night ...

  3. "The Rock" is a Boulder under water in the middle of the lake "near" the labeling on your map, it is about 150' X 215' and at low water levels and light winds can be landed on and walked across.

    1. ahh ... interesting! makes sense now - thanks!


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