Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Day 2: Lake 4 and Hudson

On day number two in the BWCA we woke up to sunshine! We were glad for that so we could dry out all of our gear from the rainy day before. We spent the morning looking for the bag the bear had stolen from the night before, drying everything on the rocks in the sun, patching the bag the bear tore, and making some yummy breakfast!

Me warming up in the sunshine.

Grant showing one of the tears from the bear.

My nice patch job on another tear ;)

We were glad the bear only got our one bag that was pretty much empty and didn't get our food. We probably would have had to pack up and head out if it had. And we were glad we could patch the bag it did get so we could still use it for portages.

Our bear bag hanging in the tree that survived the visit from the bear!

Grant waiting for breakfast.

We made some yummy biscuits and gravy for breakfast!

Biscuits and Gravy Recipe:
- Milk powder to make 1.5c
- 3 Tbsp flour
- 3 Tbsp butter
- 12 oz frozen sausage roll (we used Jimmy Dean)
- 1.5c water to make the milk
- 3 English muffins
Mix the milk powder and water in a water jug. Fry the sausage in a pan till brown. Push the sausage off to the side, tip the pan and add butter to the fat. Add the flour to the fat, a little salt and pepper too, let bubble for 30 sec or so. Add the milk and stir back into the sausage, simmer until thickened. Split the muffins and grill. Arrange three per plate and divide the sausage over the two plates.

Doing dishes after a filling breakfast.

We didn't have anything to tell time but we figure we packed up and paddled out around noonish.

Beautiful day on the water.

Grant Walter doing the navigating.

We paddled through Lake 4 (where we had camped) and got a little confused trying to find the first portage into Hudson Lake. We had gone off our one map and were trying to find where we were on the next map. So after going to one dead end and turning around, we started down another spot Grant thought might be the way. A little muskrat kind of animal flopped up right beside our canoe and scared us as we started down the new path! It was looking pretty shallow and was getting narrow so we were doubtful. But we kept seeing scrapes on the top of rocks so we knew other canoes had gone that way. Then, we saw a spot in the woods that looked like a pretty worn path people had taken. We stopped and decided to walk it and see what the deal was.

Grant trying to figure out where we were.

Isn't it pretty??

We walked up the path and checked out the rapids.

After repeatedly cursing the map makers and wondering why they would make a gap between maps (we thought we had to be in that gap and that's why we couldn't tell where we were on the map) it dawned on us: THE MAPS OVERLAP!!!!! hahah! The land wasn't looking right because we had already gone past that point on the map - they overlapped by about an inch! hehe ... so we actually were on the first portage between Lake 4 and Hudson! Ah ha!! So, we packed up and did the first 10 rod portage into Hudson.

Grant manning the canoe. That sucker is tricky to portage. I tried to do it once and about fell over backwards. Grant just said 'this isn't going to work' and took it back ;) Well, I tried.

We did three portages from Lake 4 to Hudson - one was 10 rods, then 25 rods and then another 10 rods.

Grant and the canoe.

At the end of one of the portages we sat down for a minute (you're not actually supposed to sit on the portages so you're out of peoples' way but no one else was coming). As we were sitting there several birds that Uncle Kevin calls Canadian Jays decided to join us. Grant tried to get one to sit on his hand but it just wanted to hop around on the rock next to him.

Grant and the bird.

We made our way across Hudson and decided to camp on a little island. We thought it would be more difficult for the bears to get us there ;)

Grant thought it would be easier to just climb the tree to rig up the bear bag instead of trying to throw it over the branch!

After we got camp all set up we went for a walk around the island.

Grant doing a little fishing. He ended up catching one northern on the other side of the island.

Grant walking up ahead of me into the sunset.

After our walk we got in the canoe and went across to get some dry wood for a fire. We cooked chicken alfredo for supper (with canned chicken so it didn't have to be refrigerated), did dishes, made a fire and layed around looking at the stars when it got dark. As we were laying there we saw something big and colorful fly across the sky. I thought for sure it was fireworks at first but that didn't make any sense and there was no noise. Then we realized it was a shooting star! Maybe some kind of debris entering the atmosphere or something? It was humungous and bright and like a tealish blue color. It was crazy! I'd never seen anything like that!
We had a great second day in the BWCA!


  1. Nice pictures!!! So did you have fish for dinner?


  2. hehe no we decided not to fillet it since we had quite a bit of other food with to use up ;)

  3. I love reading your adventures, Ashley! And the pics...well, it definitely is a great part of God's country up there! Might need to have one of these pics to blow up for another frame in Grant's room!


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