Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ella's First Birthday Party!

I can't believe Ella turned 1 already! We went over to Heather and Chris's to celebrate and had a great time :)
Awake from her nap and ready to party!

Getting the veggies ready.

Gramma Rosie watching Ella.

All dressed up for the party!
Reading with Gramma Vickie.

Paul, Grant, Marilyn, Suzette and Mom.

Dad and Judy.

Bear and Gramma Rosie.

Cody trying out the tacos in a bag!

Ella having some birthday lunch.

Darrell and Suzette posing nicely together :)

Digging in to the tacos!
Chris, Dad, Renee, Steve and Paul.

Ella's birthday cake!

And her 'smash cake' too!

Gimmie the cake, people.

Family portrait.

Mmmm digging into the smash cake.
After lunch and cake it was time for presents!
A new wagon from Mom, Dad, Grant and Me!
Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!

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  1. aaahahahaa! love the "Gimmie the cake, people" pic!!


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