Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clotho Ice Cream Social

It's that time of year again when we make and serve ice cream in Clotho, MN! On Saturday, July 31 everyone made their way to the Clotho church to spend the day mixing and freezing ice cream.

Molly trained Kaeden in for the egg cracking job!

I mixed up a batch while Brody and Angie got a tour of the whole operation.

This year we upgraded Marla to some newer mixers :)

Me, Brody, and Marla mixing the cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla and milk.

After it gets mixed up in the basement, it's put in metal canisters and brought outside and put in the ice cream makers where it's churned and froze.

Clark and Grant chopping some ice around an ice cream machine.

After it's done churning and freezing, it's brought back down to the basement where it's put in gallon and quart pails and then put in a chest freezer overnight to serve the next day at the social!

Gary supervising the young ice cream makers. Or maybe he's just trying to get out of work?

It was so hot this year it took longer than usual to freeze the ice cream (and a few of the ice cream makers broke). When we were finally done it was time for a swim to cool off that evening!

Grant and Summit on the way to Big Sandy beach on Lake Miltona.

Sunday, August 1st was the day of the social and we woke up to a steady rain :( There were tents set up and we did some improvising setting things up in the church to make enough room for everyone so it all turned out fine! There were still a ton of people who came out for the event!
Clark and Molly preparing to work in the rainy weather!
Mike, Dad, Mom, Me, Ella (in the stroller), Mom Marla, and Heather hanging out in the church listening to some tunes and staying dry.
Mom, Ella, Me, and Mom Marla. Poking and prodding Ella as usual :)
She's so cute :)
Mike, Dad and Mom enjoying their dessert. See Dad eating Molly's famous blueberry pie?? They all appear to be admiring it!

See you next year for the Clotho Ice Cream Social!!

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