Friday, August 6, 2010

Babysitting Ella!

Grant and I got to tag-team babysitting Ella this weekend with the Hinnenkamps! We watched her on Friday night and then dropped her off at Darrell and Suzette's for Saturday night when we went to a wedding.

Having a little supper on Friday night.
Playing with Uncle Grant.

Swinging at the park!
A trip down the slide with Uncle Grant.
Crawling around on the playground.

Ready to play on Saturday morning!

Reading with Uncle Grant while I made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

Bathtime before heading to Auntie Suzette's!

Sunday hanging out at the lake!
We had a fun time playing all weekend!


  1. oh yay! cute pics, ash! and look how she loves the swing!

  2. thanks! yeah she did love the swing :) she's so funny ... heh heh ... thanks for letting us watch her!


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