Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Week at Little Birch Lake!

Grant took a week of vacation to work on his thesis. So, we figured we'd stay at the cabin so it would be closer for me to drive to work and Grant could have some time to do some writing. Here's what we did all week in the evenings when Grant took a break from the paper!

Friday, 7.23.10 - After work we both headed to the cabin. We had supper and did a little fishing off the dock.
Junebug and Grant getting comfy at the cabin.

Everest checking out his new surroundings.

Out on the dock.

Grant trying to catch some bass.

I grabbed an old rod and reel (with no handle on the reel) and put some random lure on and threw it in the water for the fun of it. Wouldn't ya know - I caught a sunfish! Everest loved it :) He wanted to eat it mostly.

Everest liked to try to grab the lures every time we cast.

Watch till the end - he ALMOST goes for a swim!

Grant got his lure stuck in the weeds so had to go retrieve it!

Can you find Grant and Junebug in this pic?

Saturday, 7.24.10 - We relaxed at the lake in the morning, went in to Grey Eagle to see what was going on with the volleyball tournament and lawn mower pulls, and then went to Sauk Centre to watch Jake ride horse.

Cowboy Grant helping set up jumping figure eight.

Cody making a sign for Grant - can you read it? :)

Jake and Indy doing jumping figure eight.

Cody rollin' around on the barrels.

Then Grant had to try to walk on the barrels.

Then we all did a little slacklining.

Cody got up all by himself!

After the horse show Grant, Jake and I went to GEM Fest to watch Hairball. Suzette joined us later for some dancing fun!

Sunday 7.25.10 - We had a productive day of cutting down a dead tree at the lake and then going to the garden at Mike's to pick green beans and freeze them.

Jake and Grant contemplating how to go about cutting the tree.


Everest thought he owned the place after a couple days.

Monday 7.26.10 - Grant had to golf in an outing for work and I went about my regular day at work. In the evening Jake and I went skiing and when Grant got home we cut up the wood from the tree we cut yesterday and had a campfire!

Grant running the chainsaw.

Tuesday 7.27.10 - After work today we were going to pickle some cucumbers at Mike's but a storm rolled in and we were in a tornado warning so we went into the basement to watch.

Jake and Grant scoping out the storm as it got closer. We headed for the basement after this ;)

Once the storm was over it was a gorgeous night!

Jake and Grant fishing.

Everest hunting the fishing lures.

Grant retrieving his lure while Junebug watches.

Shortly after this picture was taken we had a slight CATastrophe. Grant plopped himself up on the dock and scared the S*** out of Junebug so she darted towards the shore. Unfortunately for her, I had her tied up so she wouldn't run away and when she got to the end of her rope it yanked her off the dock and right into the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knew how to doggie paddle but she was FREAKED OUT! We reeled her in and set her on the dock and before we could say anything she darted off the other side of the dock back into the water!!!!!!! AHHHH Junebug!!!! She was so scared she didn't even know what to do. Poor girl. We got her back to the dock again and got her wrapped in a towel to recover from the tragic event. I felt so bad for her I couldn't even take her picture. She was the most freaked I've ever seen her. She dried off while we ate supper and then was fine later in the evening but I'm sure she was devastated!

Wednesday 7.28.10 - After work Grant and Jake went to Clotho to help fix an ice cream maker so it would be ready for the ice cream social coming up on Sunday! I headed over to the garden to pick cucumbers and make more pickles!

Thursday 7.29.10 - Usually every Wednesday I head over to the Hinnenkamps to ride horse. Since we had a few other things going on this week we postponed it to Thursday. Grant even came with this time and rode Buck! We had a good time but forgot to take pictures. Hmm unless Suzette took some. I'll upload them later if she did!

Friday 7.30.10 - Another weekend! YAY! Today after work Brody, Angie, Marla, Gary, and Mom came over for some supper and fun on the lake.

Brody, Grant, and Angie excited because my camera wasn't working the whole night but then Grant fixed it!!


  1. hee hee. good story.

    1. i see grant and junebug in the pic! at first, i thought junebug must be in the kayak...

    2. LOVE cody's sign. that's a keeper. :o)

    3. wow, you cut down that tree. i was totally going to take care of that.

    4. when did jake get so tall?

    5. poor junebug! will she still go out on the dock now?

    6. that is all.

  2. That would be funny if Junebug was in the kayak :) I don't think we'll get her in there now!

    There are more trees to cut down at the cabin if you want to do some. hehe

    I swear Jake grows 5 inches every time I see him!

    We didn't actually try to bring Junebug out on the dock again so we'll see next time. Maybe she forgot about the incident!

  3. Loved the pictures and comments Ashley. Glad you guys had a great vacation. Hope you can meet Jess and Ben's new puppy soon. Love you ~ Auntie Diane

  4. Hey that looked like a fun and fast week.
    Hmmmm I should try and spend a week there someday!

  5. ASH! The cat thing was hilarious! Sorry for Junebug tho it deff made me laugh! and I also along with heather thought first you ment Junebug was in the kyak with grant! Can't wait to see you on thursday!! Love SandyW!


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