Thursday, July 15, 2010

Notes for Next Year's Garden

Here are some things I'm going to try to remember for next year's garden!

Don't plant the peas indoors first - most of them didn't survive. Mike planted his pea seeds right into the garden and they did great!

Also, we probably didn't need to start the cucumbers indoors first either. Most of the ones we started inside and then planted in Mike's garden didn't survive. The ones started from seed at the garden are growing great! The one in the pot at our townhome did survive and was started inside. So, it's a slight toss up but I don't think they necessarily need to be started inside. And next year maybe just plant pickling cucumbers since you can use those for slicers too.

Start the tomatoes and peppers even earlier indoors (we planted them March 28 this year). Maybe plant them in a bigger starter pot so they can get bigger indoors. My plants seem a little behind everyone else's so maybe starting them earlier would have helped.

Tomatoes seem to be pretty high maintenance. Here are some things Mike taught us this year about growing them. When planting the tomatoes, mix some dry milk and water in the hole before putting the plant in. Also, spray the tomato plants for blight with Soap Shield right when you plant them. Make sure to take the bottom leaves off as they're growing to keep blight away and put grass clippings around them and sprinkle epsom salt around them.

The date (March 28) we started the beans, squash and zucchini indoors seemed to work out fine. They are plenty big and seem to be growing veggies the same time as other people's.

Next year buy some butterNUT squash and some butterCUP. Some people say one is better than the other so maybe we should try both? We have buttercup growing this year so we will see how that is.

If we are still in our townhome next year at gardening time we'll have to look up some more tips for growing in pots because those plants definitely didn't do as well as the ones in the garden.

And here's a fun blog I found: Backyard Farming and there is a post with some gardening tips
that might be helpful for next year!


  1. one more note to remember: store all indoor seedlings where kitties cannot get.

    not sure if you'd be interested in trying it in the future, but mitch and steph tried "straw bale gardening" this year. search steph's blog for "bale", and you'll see what they did.

  2. just had one of your buttercup squash for supper tonight, and it's fantastic. i can't really remember how much different butternut is, but this stuff is dee-lish.


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