Sunday, July 18, 2010

Molly and Clark's Wedding Weekend!

Molly and Clark got married this weekend! Rehearsal and dinner took place on Friday, July 16, 2010!
Clark and Molly in the front with Peter, Grant, Waylon, Rodney, and John

At the rehearsal dinner we had some good food, visited and the girls all got personalized cake pans and the guys got Twins or Yankees hats! Grant wanted to model his ;)

The wedding day - Saturday, July 17, 2010! In the morning, all the girls got their hair done.
Me, Amy, Molly, and Sam

The bride after putting the finishing touches on!

Getting ready at the church.
Sam and Marla

Front: Molly, Missy, and Amy Back: Teah, Sam, and Me

Time to get the bride ready!
Amy, Molly, and Brenda

The wedding party
Grant, Me, Waylon, Sam, Molly, Clark, Amy, John, Teah, Peter, Rodney, and Missy

All the groomsmen and ushers with Clark.

Love this one! Bridesmaids with Molly :)

Then it was off to the park for some outdoor pics!

Yaaay for Molly and Clark!!

Grant and Me

The bride :)

Grant and Clark

Molly and Me

The whole family!
Marla, Gary, Clark, Molly, Me, and Grant

Then it was time for the ceremony.

Here comes the bride!

Molly and Clark saying their vows.


Dad Gary and Mom Marla

Hanging out at the church.
Sam, Me, Missy, and Amy

Ready for the party to begin!

A little champagne to celebrate!

At the head table.
Teah, Me, Sam, Missy, Amy, and Molly

Part of the guy's side of the table.
Grant, James, and Micheal

Dad, Mom, Heather, and Chris came to celebrate too!

First dance as husband and wife.

The girls dancing.

A little two-step with the family! Or at least attempting to two-step ;)

Grant doin' a little dance ;)

And then the self portraits began ...
Grant and Me

Molly and Me

Clark and Me

Mom Marla and Me

Me and Heather

Congratulations Molly and Clark! It was a great day!

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