Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Update

Here's an update finally on both our garden projects! If you remember, we started some plants from seeds this spring and planted some in pots outside our townhome and used the rest to help plant a garden at our friend Mike's place. Here's what's happening with the plants at our townhome! They haven't done as well as the ones in the garden but it was an experiment this year!

We've had a few cucumbers from this plant! mmm good! The leaves look a little sad - not sure if that's something like blight? But there is a cucumber growing - see it? And two more small ones you can't see.

Our bean plant also has produced quite a few beans but isn't as big as the ones in the garden.

The tomato plant is still growing and we're hoping to see some blossoms soon! Look how big it's getting!

The pepper plant didn't fare so well during a recent storm and is looking pretty sad now.

The pea plants grew some pods early on but then something happened and they all turned yellow and dried up. And now they're dead :( Does anyone have any ideas why this might have happened? We were told that maybe we watered them too much? But it looked like they were drying up. hmm.

So, the garden at our place has been interesting and now we'll have to figure out why some things worked and others didn't!

And here's an update on the garden at Mike's! Everything looks really good! Here you can see sweet corn, potatoes and cucumbers. Farther to the left of the corn is where the pumpkins and squash are planted.

And there's tons of stuff on this side of the garden, Brussel sprouts, dill, carrots, beets, tomatoes, lots of kinds of peppers, onions, peas, zucchini, beans, celery and I'm sure I forgot something! Oh yeah there's Mom back there too.

Here's a zucchini plant.

The tomatoes are getting a little blight but hopefully they'll be ok. Mike has some organic spray he's been using so we'll see what happens. He said he should have sprayed them right after we planted to take care of the issue but there was a lot going on so didn't get a chance. That'll go on the to-do list for next year :)

Here are some pickling cucumbers (we planted some slicer cucumbers too).

Buttercup squash (I meant to get butternut but hopefully this will be ok too).

Here's some of what we picked today!

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  1. When I see your garden, brings back some memories of having a large one myself when the kids were younger! That produce can't be beat! You guys will be happy you did this when it all tastes good this coming winter!


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