Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July at Little Birch!

We celebrated the Fourth of July at the cabin on Little Birch this weekend! Friday night Grant and I slept in our tent, Jake slept in his tent and Darrell, Suzette and Cody all slept in their camper on top of the hill while Mom, Dad, Heather, Chris, Ella and Bear stayed in the cabin. The boys were supposed to get up early to go fishing with Mike. When Jake's alarm went off he called someone who he thought was Mike and when noone answered he assumed that must mean they weren't going fishing because it was too windy. Little did he know in his sleepy state that he had called someone else and Mike was actually down the hill waiting with his boat. :) So, they didn't end up going fishing but just hung out when everyone finally got up! Here's Mike, Dad, Uncle Darrell and Aunt Suzette.

Even though it was super windy, Grant couldn't wait to try out the sailboat Gary had acquired so he and Jake read a few of the directions and took it out for a spin!

They got it figured out pretty well and made a bunch of trips back and forth on the lake! hehe

They lost a few pieces on the way so I went out to retrieve them.

Here's Suzette looking patriotic helping me scout out the missing parts (this wasn't planned but was very fitting for the Fourth!).

Gary and Marla came over to visit! Here's Mom, Mom Marla, and Cody watching Jake and Grant sail!

Ooops! They tipped over - but got it back up pretty quickly!

Ella enjoying the sunshine :)

Here's Dad cooking up some turkeys!

Heather, Mike and Suzette chopped up the potatoes for frying.

Cody cut up the firewood to cook the potatoes and fish.

Here's Suzette and Darrell supervising the potato cooking!

Ella ready for her first swim at the lake!

Cody, Ella and Me going for a swim. She loved it :)

All done!

And now the food's ready! Jake, Ella, Chris, Marla, Gary and Bear.

Chris going back for seconds along with Suzette, Dad and Mom.

Grant and Mike enjoying some fish.

On Sunday, the Fourth of July, Grant had to work and the rest of us went to the Ward Springs parade, checked out the garden at Mike's and had some more good food! After Grant got home Brody and Angie stopped over for a visit too! Here's Dad, Darrell, Gary, Angie, Suzette, Summit, Cody, Jake and Brody.

Uncle Darrell's annual ski (that's Jake pulling him on the jet ski).

Me, Angie, Dad, Ella and Marla watching the water activities.

Jake's turn being pulled by Darrell. He can get up on one ski this year!

Grant and Gary getting ready to take the sailboat out while Bear, Heather, Mom, Dad, Ella, Brody, Suzette and Angie watch.

Cody launching himself off the floating dock! And there's Grant and Gary trying to get the sailboat going :) it was way calmer today so they had a battle getting it to go.

Brody and Angie brought their wakeboard with so I gave it a try. Here's Jake pulling me after Darrell paddled out to give me some tips :)

Me and Jake done for the day.

Darrell and Cody making their way in too!

Another fun weekend for everyone!

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