Monday, July 5, 2010

Alternative Gift Registry and Free Cycle

Check out this cool thing - an alternative gift registry! Instead of registering online for brand new gifts from certain stores - you can make your own list and include anything you'd like from any seller! Even include homemade items, spending time together, gently used items, etc. Here's a little description:

Imagine a gift registry that actually lines up with your values and interests, that isn't restricted to plastic-wrapped "stuff," and that lets you choose nonmaterial, homemade, second-hand, and environmentally-friendly gifts. The Center for a New American Dream thinks an idea like this shouldn't stay in the imagination - that's why they created the Alternative Gift Registry at

With the Alternative Gift Registry, presents you give will celebrate your unique talents and tastes while presents you select will be those that will actually improve your quality of life. Maybe it's a homemade dinner.... or a night of babysitting...or an afternoon of yardwork. In any case, when you're approaching holidays or life events that typically emphasize the acquisition of material goods, the Alternative Gift Registry is there to help you - and that overstuffed closet of yours - take a deep breath and choose what you truly want so you can stress less and celebrate more.

Secondly, here is another interesting website where apparently you can donate things you don't want and then you are eligible to choose other free things on the site that other people don't want. It's called Free Cycle and I still need to investigate it further but it sounds interesting!

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