Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rochester Baseball, Molly's Birthday, Dad's Birthday and Father's Day!

This weekend was a busy one! We started it off with a baseball game in Rochester with my college roommates. Brenda, Angie, Cassie, Megan and Me (and their significant others who aren't pictured).

Then on Saturday we headed to the cabin to hang out and spend the night. On Sunday the Hinnenkamp pooches came out for a swim!

Willy was having a blast jumping off the dock and fetching the stick!

Doji wasn't too excited about the water but he really wanted to chase Willy!

Here's Jake, Grant, Cody, Doji and Willy.

After the water activities we did a lot of celebrating :) First, we headed to Clotho to celebrate Molly's golden birthday and Father's Day with Gary. Here's Molly, Marla and Clark.

Happy birthday to you!! Check out that cute cake with Oreos for flowers! mmm good!

Then, we went back to Little Birch to celebrate Dad's birthday and Father's Day.

Ella ate some bananas.

Gramma Rosie came over to visit!

Here's me and Heather doing some kind of double dutch jump rope?!

Here's Grant and Heather swinging the rope while I attempted to jump. I think we still need more practice ;)

Then Me, Heather and Grant went out to water ski!

And we had some birthday cake. Happy birthday, Dad!

And Ella liked the frosting!

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