Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast on the Farm at Kory and Sandy Wieber's!

Sandy and Kory ever-so-nicely agreed to host breakfast on the farm this year for Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union and Wild Country 99! :) Grant and I were there bright and early Saturday morning to finish setting up the tents, signs, food, etc. The event started at 8:30 and there was a great turnout! The Farming Lions Club prepared and served the pancakes and sausage.

Here's Sandy (in black) visiting with her mom, her daughter Avery, her aunt JoAnn and more friends and family!

The Hinnenkamps even came for some food and a tour! Here's Jake, Cody, Suzette, Darrell and Mom.

Jake and I played the egg toss game. That's Jake in blue and me in red.

Nice catch, Jake! Woo hoo! It was tricky to catch the egg without breaking it (every time you made a catch you had to take a step back). We were down to the last two teams and were pretty far apart but when Jake threw it to me the last time I didn't give enough when I caught it and it broke in my hands. Bummer!

The Stanleys are here! Here's Ella and Me.

Ella going for a tractor ride with Gramma Vickie.

Having some pancakes and sausage.

Heh heh. Everyone tried out the cut out picture board compliments of Angela Fay Johnson! Here are the Stanleys: Heather, Chris and Ella. No, Ella's not quite big enough to stick her face in there on her own so I was in the back holding her :)

Mom, Cody and Suzette!

Uncle Darrell patting the horses.

Ella going for a swing.

Me, Grant and our little niece Ella! She loved this farm thing :)

Mom and Suzette on the tour checking out the calves.

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