Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast on the Farm at Kory and Sandy Wieber's!

Sandy and Kory ever-so-nicely agreed to host breakfast on the farm this year for Central Minnesota Federal Credit Union and Wild Country 99! :) Grant and I were there bright and early Saturday morning to finish setting up the tents, signs, food, etc. The event started at 8:30 and there was a great turnout! The Farming Lions Club prepared and served the pancakes and sausage.

Here's Sandy (in black) visiting with her mom, her daughter Avery, her aunt JoAnn and more friends and family!

The Hinnenkamps even came for some food and a tour! Here's Jake, Cody, Suzette, Darrell and Mom.

Jake and I played the egg toss game. That's Jake in blue and me in red.

Nice catch, Jake! Woo hoo! It was tricky to catch the egg without breaking it (every time you made a catch you had to take a step back). We were down to the last two teams and were pretty far apart but when Jake threw it to me the last time I didn't give enough when I caught it and it broke in my hands. Bummer!

The Stanleys are here! Here's Ella and Me.

Ella going for a tractor ride with Gramma Vickie.

Having some pancakes and sausage.

Heh heh. Everyone tried out the cut out picture board compliments of Angela Fay Johnson! Here are the Stanleys: Heather, Chris and Ella. No, Ella's not quite big enough to stick her face in there on her own so I was in the back holding her :)

Mom, Cody and Suzette!

Uncle Darrell patting the horses.

Ella going for a swing.

Me, Grant and our little niece Ella! She loved this farm thing :)

Mom and Suzette on the tour checking out the calves.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rochester Baseball, Molly's Birthday, Dad's Birthday and Father's Day!

This weekend was a busy one! We started it off with a baseball game in Rochester with my college roommates. Brenda, Angie, Cassie, Megan and Me (and their significant others who aren't pictured).

Then on Saturday we headed to the cabin to hang out and spend the night. On Sunday the Hinnenkamp pooches came out for a swim!

Willy was having a blast jumping off the dock and fetching the stick!

Doji wasn't too excited about the water but he really wanted to chase Willy!

Here's Jake, Grant, Cody, Doji and Willy.

After the water activities we did a lot of celebrating :) First, we headed to Clotho to celebrate Molly's golden birthday and Father's Day with Gary. Here's Molly, Marla and Clark.

Happy birthday to you!! Check out that cute cake with Oreos for flowers! mmm good!

Then, we went back to Little Birch to celebrate Dad's birthday and Father's Day.

Ella ate some bananas.

Gramma Rosie came over to visit!

Here's me and Heather doing some kind of double dutch jump rope?!

Here's Grant and Heather swinging the rope while I attempted to jump. I think we still need more practice ;)

Then Me, Heather and Grant went out to water ski!

And we had some birthday cake. Happy birthday, Dad!

And Ella liked the frosting!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Picking Strawberries and Making Jelly!

This morning, Heather and I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to pick Suzette up and meet Briana to go pick strawberries at The Strawberry Patch in New Munich, MN! We had a good time and it actually didn't take very long for Suzette and I to pick three buckets full and Heather to pick two!

After picking we went over to Suzette's and started cleaning and cutting the tops off the strawberries and crushing them. Cody, don't think we don't see you stealing the berries!

Then we followed the recipe below to make our jelly! And we made a lot of it :) 52 jars of a few different sizes to be exact! Plus about 6 bags of freezer jelly for Suzette and we each still had strawberries to freeze whole!

It took us awhile to try to calculate the massive amounts of berries and sugar we needed :) Here's Heather, Me and Suzette thinking way too hard.

Strawberry Jelly
So first we put 8 cups of crushed berries and 2 packages of sure-jell in the pan and let that come to a rolling boil, stirring the whole time.

Apparently, all of our calculating still didn't help us buy enough supplies to start with because we kept running out so had to send Jake to multiple towns multiple times. Here he is getting the list from Suzette and Me.

Then we added 9.5 cups of sugar and once that came back to a boil we let it boil for one minute. During that time the lids for the jars were in boiling water. When the minute was up, we got the foam off the top and then poured it into the jars and closed them and let them ‘suction’ on their own as they cooled.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly
For the strawberry rhubarb jelly, we went through the same process as we did for the strawberry jelly only we substituted in about 4 cups of rhubarb that we had cooked down for part of the strawberries. We also added in 3 additional cups of sugar.

Throughout the process we tried to lure people into make some breakfast. But, they avoided us so finally we sent Jake to Charlie's Cafe in Freeport to get some yummy caramel rolls! Here's Uncle Darrell working on the lawnmower instead of making pancakes.

And now Ella is trying to distract Uncle Darrell and Cody from making breakfast.

After jelly-making we took the horses out for a ride. Here's Uncle Darrell, Indy, Me, Sam, Jake and Ransom.

Ella got to ride her first horse! She really wanted to take the reins and go faster :)

Uncle Darrell, Willy (the dog), Indy (the horse), Ella, Me, Ransom (the other horse), Jake, Doji (the yellow lab) and Cody (the short kid).

It was a successful day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary - Trip to the North Shore!

For our second wedding anniversary, Grant planned us a nice weekend trip to the North Shore! We stayed at Temperance River Traders Cabins just south of Lutsen. It was a very nice cabin and a good location for all the activities we wanted to do!

We arrived on Friday evening and started the weekend celebration with a little champagne :)

On Saturday we drove to Eagle Mountain to hike to the highest point in Minnesota! It was a little cloudy and drizzly at times but still a great hike.

Most of the hike is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) - very pretty!

It was about a 7 mile hike round trip and took us about 3 hours if I remember right (with a lunch stop :). Here's a pretty view across a calm lake (it's not Eagle Mountain though - must be some other 'Minnesota Mountain')!

Here we are at the summit!

And here's the official 'highest point' marker! Woo hoo! Our first 'high point!'

We took a little break at the summit to enjoy our favorite hiking meal - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!! :)

After the hike we went back towards our cabin and stopped at Temperance River State Park (pretty much right next door to our cabin)! We hiked along the river and checked out all the pretty waterfalls.

Then we went down to where the river goes into Lake Superior and, of course, skipped some rocks and sat and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks. Well, Grant skipped rocks - mine mostly just plopped in and didn't skip. It was a fun day!

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day! We ventured to Carlton Peak to try out some climbs. We found a spot to park and hiked up to where the climbs are, following the Superior Hiking Trail for part of the way.

We were pretty worn out from all our hiking the day before so only did a couple climbs but had great views of Lake Superior the whole time!

When we were done climbing we went back to the shore of Lake Superior and went swimming in the Temperance River! It was a little warmer in the river than in the lake so we opted for that. Then, it was time to drive home :( But, we had a great second anniversary weekend!
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