Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twins Game!

We got to go check out the Twins vs. Yankees game tonight at Target Field! It was pretty cool to see the new stadium even though the game got rained out. We were in the seventh row up from first base.

Here's Grant, Brody, Angie and Me trying to avoid the rain ;)

There was a little excitement when a squirrel ran onto the field and scared the third baseman ;) Here's the squirrel running around the field frantically. Poor little guy - he ran around for awhile and they just continued to play. I hope he found a way out. Where did he even come from??

Look at this! There are even stories about the squirrel making history as the first wildlife in the stadium! Apparently he did make the game delayed - huh - I didn't notice. I was too distracted watching him run around hoping someone would save him.

tehe ... this video shows him attacking the third baseman!

And here's another squirrel story.

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