Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day we headed to the Greenwald Pub for a yummy buffet! Here's Mom, Renee, Olivia and Glenn.

And the whole table ... Chris, Ella, Heather, Mom, Renee, Olivia, Glenn, Vicki, Gramma Rosie, Steve, Danna, and Grant.

A closer view ;)

After the Greenwald Pub we made our way towards the cabin to meet Grant's parents. We decided to swing in and say hi and happy mother's day to the Hinnenkamps! While we were there we attempted to fly kites because it seemed really windy. It turned out to be not so windy and one of the kites got stuck in a tree. Here's Uncle Darrell fishing it out of the tree from on top of the house ;)

Jake and Grant played some catch.

After the Hinnenkamps we went the rest of the way to the cabin to start up the dutch oven. Here we are enjoying some tamalie pie! Dad Gary, Grant, Mom and Mom Marla.
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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