Saturday, May 22, 2010

Molly and Amy's Bachelorette!

Molly and Amy are both getting married this summer! So, we had a bachelorette party for both of them! Here they are at Casey's Amusement Park in Alex.

We started the day off with a round of mini golf!

Marla hung out at Casey's and took some pics!

Here's the whole crew after mini golf! Front row: Megan, Amy, Molly, Sam, Brenda. Back: Me, Teah, Erin, Michelle, Jess, Lindsay, and Shayna.

Teah, Lindsay and Erin ready for some go-kart action!

After the fun at Casey's we made our way to Big Foot Resort to a cabin we had rented for the night. We played some bachelorette games, had some food, and played more games! Here's Molly trying one of the games!

Amy and Molly

Here's Molly playing the panty guessing game! Each guest brought a pair of panties for the brides and they had to guess who they were from.

After hanging out at the cabin and going for a little walk around the campground we went to Rudy's for some dancing fun! Here's Amy and Molly with their Scooby Snacks.

Brenda and Sam gettin' down.

It was a fun day!! Here are all the pictures. Enjoy!

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