Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend at Little Birch

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! It was filled with relaxing at the cabin, gardening, and a couple trips to Browerville and Clotho :)

On Saturday we hung out at the lake and relaxed in the morning while Grant, Dad, Mike and Tommy went golfing. When they were done, we met them at Mike's garden to do some tilling and watering. Here's Grant and Me.

After gardening we headed back out to the lake and went on a boat ride and swim with Briana and Carl because it was REALLY hot! We also lounged around at the cabin. Here's Grant and Ella playing.

Ella tried Grant's hat on. Isn't she a cute little cowgirl?

Later that evening Grant and I went to Browerville for Luke's graduation party. We had a good time playing lumberjack games, slacklining and visiting! Congrats, Luke!

Sunday was kind of a rainy day. So, we did a little fishing off the dock. Grant caught two bass!
Everest hid out in a pile of stuff in the cabin.

Then we made a campfire and roasted some marshmallows and hotdogs for lunch.

And then headed to Clotho to have supper with Gary's cousin, Diane Bean! Here's a group shot of Clark, Molly, Diane, Grant and Me.

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day but unfortunately Grant had to work and I was super sunburned from Saturday. So, we mostly sat around and played with Ella :) Here's Heather, Me, Ella and Dad.

Junebug and Everest checking out the action on the dock.

I took the jet ski out for a ride.

And Ella and I played in the grass.
And then we went home. The kitties were so exhausted from the weekend!

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