Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kettle River Paddlefest Sandstone, MN

Brody, Angie, Summit, Grant and I loaded up the car (packed to the brim as usual ;o) and made the trek to Sandstone for the Kettle River Paddlefest on Friday! Here's Grant finishing up with our tent.

And Brody finalizing their 'holiday inn'

Summit was supervising the tent set up ;)

We stayed at Robinson Park (for FREE!) in Sandstone! It's a pretty place. Friday night after we set up the tents we hung out at the Gaslight bar in Sandstone for the evening. We listened to some live music and had some Surly beer samples and some peanuts. It was a good night!

Saturday morning Grant made us all some rice pudding and then everyone got ready to kayak. Here's Grant and Brody ready to go.

This is Grant running Blueberry Slide - the first set of rapids on the section of the Kettle they ran starting in Banning State Park.
Grant again playing.

There were about 10-15 people who ran the river - it was a little chilly and the water levels were down so fewer people did it than other years.

Instead of kayaking, Ang and I hiked along the river with Summit! We had to manuever around some tricky spots but we made it the whole way! When we got to Wolf Creek we were told we needed to cross it in order to keep following the Kettle back to camp. So, here's Ang crossing the creek.

And here are the falls right after we crossed. Well, then the creek started running parallel to the Kettle so we were like - wait a minute - we need to be on the other side. So, we crossed back over and kept walking. Hmm. Then Ang asked if the creek had even gone into the Kettle yet. We didn't think so. So, we came to the spot where it did go into the Kettle and realized we should have stayed on the other side the first time we crossed. Heh heh ... we were confused. So, we crossed it for the THIRD time and then made the rest of the hike back to camp ;)

After the paddle and hike we decided to do some climbing. There were already a few people set up at the climbs so we set up our rope and also had their two ropes to climb on. Here's me belaying Ang and that's Brody in the red helmet and the others who were climbing.

Here's Ang on a climb with me belaying. The climbs were really 'pumpy' as Ang said meaning they KILLED your arms!! Yikers. Seriously. I had to stop several times to give my arms a break and pant loudly as Brody climbed next to me and said 'hey how's it going' as if it wasn't any effort at all ;)

After climbing we checked out the Paddlefest race. Anyone who wants to enter can 'race' down the river. I think there are prizes for whoever makes it from Banning State Park to Robinson Park the fastest. They break everyone up into different classes depending on what they're paddling. Here's a video of the start of the group that the Outdoor Endeavors boys (Luke and another guy in the canoe and Evan and Ryan in the green kayak) were paddling tandem in. This movie cracks me up. Heh heh. Oh Grant ;)
And that evening of course we pulled out the DO (Dutch Oven) and tried a new recipe! We made beef stroganoff this time and it was yummy :)

Brody and Ang checking the status.

Here's us! After the dutch oven extravaganza we headed in to town to check out the festivities at the Gaslight again. That night there was a raffle, silent auction, movie and fireworks! The Sandstone fireworks are the best ever. They light them off right across the street - it's pretty crazy! On Sunday we just headed home in the morning after another fun weekend!

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