Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gary's Surprise 60th Birthday Party!

Gary's turning 60 on May 31st this year! To celebrate, we threw a surprise birthday party Saturday evening after the Hike it or Bike it. Here's Clark getting the party started!

Brody and Angie taste-tested the food while we waited for guests and Gary to arrive!

The guests started to arrive before Gary was home which wasn't exactly how we had planned it, but it worked out anyways! Brody and Grant were going to take Gary golfing or fishing after the Hike it or Bike it so the rest of us could set up for the party. Everyone was feeling tired and lazy so they didn't get going as early as we thought which meant they got home later than we thought ;) ... But it all worked out because guests were there waiting when Gary came home so we could say 'SURPRISE!!' Here's Suzette, Cody, Mom, Darrell and Jake.

Darrell and Jake trying out the snacks.

It's a party now!!

Gary must be telling a story.

Marla chatting with Joanne and Warren.

There were lumberjack games, slack lining and polish horse shoes set up outside! Here's Grant taking on Brody in lumberjack games.

Everyone had a fun time!!

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