Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend at Little Birch

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! It was filled with relaxing at the cabin, gardening, and a couple trips to Browerville and Clotho :)

On Saturday we hung out at the lake and relaxed in the morning while Grant, Dad, Mike and Tommy went golfing. When they were done, we met them at Mike's garden to do some tilling and watering. Here's Grant and Me.

After gardening we headed back out to the lake and went on a boat ride and swim with Briana and Carl because it was REALLY hot! We also lounged around at the cabin. Here's Grant and Ella playing.

Ella tried Grant's hat on. Isn't she a cute little cowgirl?

Later that evening Grant and I went to Browerville for Luke's graduation party. We had a good time playing lumberjack games, slacklining and visiting! Congrats, Luke!

Sunday was kind of a rainy day. So, we did a little fishing off the dock. Grant caught two bass!
Everest hid out in a pile of stuff in the cabin.

Then we made a campfire and roasted some marshmallows and hotdogs for lunch.

And then headed to Clotho to have supper with Gary's cousin, Diane Bean! Here's a group shot of Clark, Molly, Diane, Grant and Me.

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day but unfortunately Grant had to work and I was super sunburned from Saturday. So, we mostly sat around and played with Ella :) Here's Heather, Me, Ella and Dad.

Junebug and Everest checking out the action on the dock.

I took the jet ski out for a ride.

And Ella and I played in the grass.
And then we went home. The kitties were so exhausted from the weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twins Game!

We got to go check out the Twins vs. Yankees game tonight at Target Field! It was pretty cool to see the new stadium even though the game got rained out. We were in the seventh row up from first base.

Here's Grant, Brody, Angie and Me trying to avoid the rain ;)

There was a little excitement when a squirrel ran onto the field and scared the third baseman ;) Here's the squirrel running around the field frantically. Poor little guy - he ran around for awhile and they just continued to play. I hope he found a way out. Where did he even come from??

Look at this! There are even stories about the squirrel making history as the first wildlife in the stadium! Apparently he did make the game delayed - huh - I didn't notice. I was too distracted watching him run around hoping someone would save him.

tehe ... this video shows him attacking the third baseman!

And here's another squirrel story.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Molly and Amy's Bachelorette!

Molly and Amy are both getting married this summer! So, we had a bachelorette party for both of them! Here they are at Casey's Amusement Park in Alex.

We started the day off with a round of mini golf!

Marla hung out at Casey's and took some pics!

Here's the whole crew after mini golf! Front row: Megan, Amy, Molly, Sam, Brenda. Back: Me, Teah, Erin, Michelle, Jess, Lindsay, and Shayna.

Teah, Lindsay and Erin ready for some go-kart action!

After the fun at Casey's we made our way to Big Foot Resort to a cabin we had rented for the night. We played some bachelorette games, had some food, and played more games! Here's Molly trying one of the games!

Amy and Molly

Here's Molly playing the panty guessing game! Each guest brought a pair of panties for the brides and they had to guess who they were from.

After hanging out at the cabin and going for a little walk around the campground we went to Rudy's for some dancing fun! Here's Amy and Molly with their Scooby Snacks.

Brenda and Sam gettin' down.

It was a fun day!! Here are all the pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Working on our Tent!

Grant and I spent an evening at Ed's working on our tent. We took turns sewing the seam all the way around the bottom.

We learned how to operate the sewing machine including making bobbins and threading the whole thing. ;)

It's a long ways around the whole bottom of the tent but we finished the seam and sewed in the reinforcement at the peak of the tent.
Then we measured and cut the poles. There is only one pole (approx 9ft tall) that goes in the middle of the tent. But, it is cut into sections and snaps together so it can pack down smaller.
Now we need to figure out how to sew in the zipper and attach the loops for the stakes and it should be about done!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Horseback Ride at the Hinnenkamps!

After the weekend in Clotho and planting the garden at Mike's, Grant and Brody headed back to St. Cloud to kayak so Angie and I stopped at Darrell and Suzette's to ride horse! Here's Cody on Frosty, Angie on Buck, Me on Indy and Jake on Ransom!

Summit had to stay back and wait for us ...

It was a fun little horse ride!

Planting the Garden at Mike's!

So, as you know, awhile ago I planted a bunch of little seeds not thinking any of them would really grow. And then suddenly, most of the seeds actually did start to grow and I had a nice little garden in our window. The kitties tried to sabotage it once but most of the little buggers made it through the attack. So, we decided we weren't going to be able to actually plant all of them in pots outside our townhome. I'm afraid they may have kicked us out if we would have done that ;) But luckily, Mike had lots of room in his garden so we're borrowing some space from him to attempt to grow our little plants! Here's what we planted!


Green Beans

Sugar Snap Peas



Let's hope some of it makes it in the big garden!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gary's Surprise 60th Birthday Party!

Gary's turning 60 on May 31st this year! To celebrate, we threw a surprise birthday party Saturday evening after the Hike it or Bike it. Here's Clark getting the party started!

Brody and Angie taste-tested the food while we waited for guests and Gary to arrive!

The guests started to arrive before Gary was home which wasn't exactly how we had planned it, but it worked out anyways! Brody and Grant were going to take Gary golfing or fishing after the Hike it or Bike it so the rest of us could set up for the party. Everyone was feeling tired and lazy so they didn't get going as early as we thought which meant they got home later than we thought ;) ... But it all worked out because guests were there waiting when Gary came home so we could say 'SURPRISE!!' Here's Suzette, Cody, Mom, Darrell and Jake.

Darrell and Jake trying out the snacks.

It's a party now!!

Gary must be telling a story.

Marla chatting with Joanne and Warren.

There were lumberjack games, slack lining and polish horse shoes set up outside! Here's Grant taking on Brody in lumberjack games.

Everyone had a fun time!!

Mama Marla's Hike it or Bike it!

Brody, Angie, Grant and I all tented at the Schnell's for the weekend and hung out with Marla, Gary, Clark and Molly. We enjoyed some guitar-playing and singing by Brody and Grant on Friday evening. Then on Saturday we all participated in Mama Marla's annual Hike it or Bike it! Here's Grant getting geared up for the 15 mile bike ride.
Gary's pounding posts in for the finish line while Brody gets more posts out.
Mom's all ready to bike!

Here's Grant getting warmed up.

Ella and Heather ready for Ella's first 5k!

Angie, Summit, Brody (the cheerleaders) and Molly waiting for the races to start!
We all survived our races and then had a spaghetti lunch before heading back to the Schnell's for the rest of the weekend! It was a successful event!
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