Saturday, April 24, 2010

Putting the dock in at the cabin on Little Birch

Today Darrell, Suzette, Jake, Cody, Grant and I met at Mom and Dad's house in Grey Eagle to get ready to put the dock in at the cabin. First, we headed out to Mike's place to say hi and pick up the four-wheeler and our canoe. Then, we all made our way out to Little Birch to start the project. It was rainy but that didn't stop anyone from getting started! Cody hopped right in the lake to help. Well, mostly walk around and tell stories but close enough ;) He started out with just his feet in the water but by the end of it he was pretty much swimming!

Suzette needed to borrow Darrell's hat to stay dry ;) very nice, Suzie ;)

Jake and Dad getting ready to steer the dock in.
Grant lining it up.
Mom helping Grant put the ramps away while sporting her poncho.

After the dock was in the rain stopped so the kitties came out to play.
They had never been out on the dock before and they really weren't scared at all. Everest even stuck his foot in the water ;) I'm sure they'll be swimming in no time!
Everest was very curious ...

Heather, Chris, Ella and Bear came over for some supper. Here's Mom, Ella, Jake, Heather, Bear, Suzette, Cody (after they went home for dry clothes because at one point Suzette also jumped in the water because apparently she thought they needed help??), Darrell, Dad and Grant.
Jake, Cody and Grant taking the canoe out for a spin as Dad watches.
Later that evening Mom and Dad babysat Ella while Heather, Chris, Grant and I picked Suzette up and went to Gerards in Sauk Centre to listen to a band called Hairball. They play all 80s music and are pretty entertaining to watch :) It was a fun weekend!

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  1. Yes it was the start of the summer cabin season. memorial day is coming fast!!



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