Saturday, April 17, 2010

Molly and Clark's Wedding Shower! (and a kayak paddle for mother's day)

Molly and Clark had their first wedding shower today! The shower was held in Clotho at Marla and Gary's. We started out with some visiting and a game called 'Who Knows Molly and Clark Best?'

Here's Marla helping Gary with the answers.

Mom, Denny and Chelie working on their answers.

Ben and Jess think they have them all right ;)

Peg, Dave, Chris and Heather.

Michael and Amy.

Marcia and Missy.

Nicole Beach won!

Then, we had some tasty food.

Molly and Clark opened presents.

And we drew for the door prize which went to Marcia Woeste, and then did some more visiting! It was a fun time! Here are more pics:

After the shower was over we had a little surprise for Mom. She had been wanting to take their new kayak out but didn't have a paddle yet. Little did she know we had already planned to get her one for Mother's Day. She asked if Grant knew where she could get one so we were worried she might buy herself one. So, instead of waiting until Mother's Day we gave it to her early.

Classic Mom face :)

Grant says "you hold it like this and make sure you wear your life jacket, Vickie!

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