Thursday, April 29, 2010

The kitties tried to sabotage my garden!!!!

Ever since we've had the kitties we've put our plants somewhere that they can't reach. That spot kept changing as they grew up and could reach more things. First, we had the plants on top of the TV but when they could reach that we put them on top of the cupboards. While we were gone snowmobiling they discovered how to jump that high so when we got home we put them on top of the refrigerator (across from the cupboards). Well, now they can even jump from the cupboards across to the refrigerator. Yeah, they're pretty agile, those little buggers. Nothing is out of their reach ;)

So, now the trick is to put all plants in our bedroom and always keep the door shut. Well, almost always.

Today I left work a little early because Heather and I ran the On the Move 5k at SCSU. I got home, quick changed, gave the kitties some supper and headed out. The run went well. Mom, Dad, Chris, Ella and Grant all came to watch Heather, her friend Maria and Me run. I even won a sweatshirt afterwards from the door prize drawings! I think I ran a 26:40 or something and Heather 27:01. Both pretty good for not running much! Grant and I stopped at Erberts and Gerberts for a sandwich (yum!) afterwards and swung by the Johnson's to say hi. Then we headed home. I walked in and immediately saw the bedroom door was open.

AAHHHHH!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! The kitties had been in the bedroom and sabotaged ALL my plants!!!! My little garden seed tray thingy was UPSIDE DOWN on the CARPET! AHHHHHH! And they had messed with my spider plants. That was minor compared to my poor garden project :( Those naughty kitties knew they were in big trouble. Usually they are all lovey to me but when I walked into the living room they ran behind the couches. Naughty, naughty kitties. Dude, it was devastating seeing all those poor plants upside down out of their tray :( I wasn't thinking when I started cleaning them up so I managed to keep all the same plants together (I think all the tomatoes ended up in one section, all the peas in another, etc) but forgot to pay attention to where they had been in the tray (I also forgot to take pictures of the devastation). This is a problem because my labels were on the outside of the tray, not on the little containers that the plants were in. So, I know I can tell the peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers apart. But, the squash and zucchini (summer squash) look pretty much identical. This is a problem. I think the zucchini was taller so I might have them right but I guess we'll find out if they grow some stuff later! Here are the bent, broken plants I think are zucchini:

And the poor tomatoes were so little and fragile:

See how the peas are all bent?

And these ones look pretty sad and bent and broken too (I think they're the squash):

Not to mention I had just watered the dang things so when they were upside down on the carpet it was like MUD on the carpet. We had some carpet stain remover stuff though that seems to have done the trick. Jeepers. I guess they don't look as terrible in these pictures. Maybe it was just the shock of seeing them ALL UPSIDE DOWN ON THE CARPET that seemed the worse. But they definitely don't seem as perky anymore. Poor little plants. The kitties said they were very sorry they did it though. And they're still cute.

PS. This was also the Kitties' birthday (well it's what we guessed is their birthday based on what the vet said). But, their party has been postponed due to their naughtiness.

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