Monday, April 26, 2010

Grilling, Games and Bonfires at the Johnsons

Today a bunch of us gathered at the Johnsons to grill some brats, drink a few beers that were given to the guys when they rescued someone's canoe, slackline, play lumberjack games and sing and play guitar around a bonfire ;)

Evan slacklining.

Grant's been practicing slacklining ;) Here's a video:
And then Grant played a trick on Brody.
Evan and Grant playing lumberjack games while Ryan watches.

And then we had a little sing-along around the campfire. First a little Old Crow Medicine Show (my camera couldn't see anyone).
And then Taylor Swift??? it takes a little to get into it ... so listen for a minute ... it's lovely ...
heh heh ... funny times

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  1. Wow, am impressed with all the lumberjack games! Grant, might be fun to maybe try those for the big surprise party on Saturday! Maybe the slackline between the birch trees in the back and of course the bucket/rope one is always fun to watch too! I really enjoyed the music performances though...nice Taylor Swift??!! Ashley, you always do such a nice job with this blog! Love you both!


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