Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend trip to Philadelphia and Washington DC!

Heather, Chris, Ella, Mom, Jake, Grant and I all headed to Philadelphia to visit Dad over Easter weekend! Darrell, Suzette and Cody brought us down to the airport in Minneapolis after work and school on Wednesday, March 31st (thanks for the ride, guys!). We made it through security after Jake was searched by the security dude because he left his coat on. ;o) We had a good flight with no problems - Jake and Ella survived their first time flying!

Ella was a good first-time flier :) she didn't even make a peep! Now Jake on the other hand ... heh heh j/k!
When we arrived in Philadelphia, Dad and Carmine met us at the airport and hauled us to Carmine and Tatyana's house. Heather, Chris, Ella, Grant and I stayed at their house (thanks to them for all the great food and the place to stay!) and Jake and Mom stayed at Dad's apartment (thanks for touring us around, Dad!). As usual, Tatyana had a big spread of food when we arrived! It was all so tasty!
On Thursday we all loaded up and headed to the Poconos Mountains to Bushkill Falls. We hiked around all day. It was a pretty place!

The whole crew - Grant, Me, Jake, Mom, Dad, Heather, Chris and Ella
On Friday Dad had to work so in the morning we dropped him off at the dairy and had a little tour. Then, the rest of us headed in to Center City to see the sights!
We checked out Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

The US Mint

Sonny's Philly Cheesesteaks!
and Penn's Landing
On Saturday morning we all got up, packed up a few things and took a road trip to Washington DC! Here's what we saw after we arrived on Saturday!

The real Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence in the Archives building

The White House

We walked around the National Mall and went into two Smithsonian Museums: the Museum of Natural History and the Aerospace Museum. On the mall we also saw the Washington Memorial, people flying kites, the Smithsonian Castle and the Capital (there was a statue on top and Jake said 'huh that must be some Social Security dude because that's what I think of when I think of someone important.' LOL! Jake you're hilarious. He actually meant Secret Service dude not Social Security ;o)

Once it got dark we checked out the Washington Memorial and could see the Lincoln Memorial from there all lit up. We hung out for awhile cuz there was supposed to be fireworks for the Cherry Blossom Festival. It turns out they were not where we thought so we couldn't see them very well. Then we headed back to our hotel, ordered some pizza and went to bed after a full day of sight-seeing!

The next morning I requested that we get dropped off at the Lincoln Memorial so we could see it up close since we didn't make it there on Saturday. So, we packed up and headed out. When we got close we scoped out the situation to see where we could all bail out of the car and then Dad would go park somewhere. While driving around we happened to go by the Pentagon which was kinda cool. Then we found a spot to bail so everyone except Dad, Chris and Ella got out while they went to park. It was so neat to see! I was glad we stopped :o)

We also checked out the Vietnam War Memorial while we were there and then made our way out of the city through the traffic back to Philly for our flight. We got delayed in traffic so cut it a little close for our flight but it turned out just fine! Thanks to Carmine for bringing all our stuff to the airport to meet us since we were running behind. It was a fun trip :o) Here are more pictures:

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