Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday was my 26th birthday! But, I had to work late so we didn't get to do anything fun. Grant said just the two of us were going to grill after work today so I was excited about that. Around noon Grant emailed me and said he was going to a meeting that would last around 3 hours. I thought that was a little weird that he had such a long meeting but I didn't think much about it. Since I worked late on my birthday yesterday I was told I could leave early today. So, around 3:30 I texted Grant and said I was leaving work. He replied back to me right away and said 'see ya soon' which was weird because when he's at work he doesn't usually answer his phone or texts. But, whatever, I again didn't think much of it - just figured he was out of his 3 hour meeting :)

So, I drove home and when I turned the corner to our townhome Grant's car was in the driveway!! And there were tables and chairs set up in the garage :) haha! There was going to be a party! I went in and the whole house was clean and Grant was cutting up some potatoes. hehe I asked him if there was a party and he was like I don't know. I figured there was and I was excited! Eventually Heather and Ella came over (look at her special shirt for the party :)

Me and my little neice :)
Sandy and Kory and Brody, Angie, and Summit (their dog), and Mom and Dad Schnell and Mom Vickie, and the Hinnenkamps - Darrell, Suzette, Jake and Cody all came and later Chris and Dad Marv came! It was a fun party :) Here's Angie, Heather, Me, and Suzette checking out the garden:
And now time for some cake:
Thanks, Grant and everyone who helped!!! I had no idea you were planning some festivities!

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