Sunday, March 28, 2010

Planting a Garden in Minnesota (in a townhome)

Grant and I have been wanting to attempt a garden for awhile, but the problem is we are just renting a townhome. So, we really have nowhere to put the garden since we can't dig up our teeny tiny yard ;) But, I was reading online and discovered that it might be feasible to plant things in 5 gallon buckets instead of making a whole big garden.

So, we bought some beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash seeds (yeah we went a little overboard but it all sounds so tasty. And, I doubt it will all grow anyways. I have a tendency to kill plants so we'll see what happens)...

we also bought a tray...

and some potting mix and decided to give it a whirl...

I got together with Angie today while Brody and Grant kayaked and we planted our seeds so they'll get a start indoors and will be ready to go by the time it's nice outside! I was told by some gardeners that the end of March is a good time to start seeds in Minnesota so they can be planted outside in May when it doesn't freeze anymore.

First, we labeled our containers so we'd remember what's what.

Then we added the moistened soil (I used the potting mix shown above but Angie had some fancy homemade compost to use. It's amazing how you can throw banana peels and lettuce on a pile and magically it becomes dirt. I don't know how that works. Maybe Angie will do a compost tutorial on

Then we put the seeds in at the depth it said in the instructions on the back of the seed packets and covered them with soil.

Then, we sprayed it with water (yes Angie used an old litter box to put her seeds in. She's very resourceful. hehe).

Finally, we covered the whole container with plastic wrap to keep moisture in and poked little holes in it for ventilation.

When we got home I put my little greenhouse in front of our window in our bedroom and shut the door so the kitties wouldn't get into it.

...and voila! We are ready for our garden to grow :) ... honestly if all this stuff actually grows I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. We will have many, many 5 gallon buckets outside our townhome! Should be interesting! I'll keep you updated if anything grows!

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