Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kitties Climb Trees

When we first got our kitties we had them outside a few times and they really liked to climb trees. Then, when they were old enough we had their front paws declawed so they wouldn't destroy our furniture. After that, we were worried they wouldn't be able to climb trees anymore but today Everest proved us wrong! We were outside having a little picnic...

And then Everest decided to make his way up the tree ... !

He can still do it!


  1. oh my gosh--go everest go! what a funny kitty. did you have the kitties on leashes, or were they just loose outside?

  2. They were on leashes so they didn't run away ;) We just had them tied close to the tree. Junebug wanted to go in the house though. She wanted nothing to do with the tree climbing.


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