Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Snowmobiling in Minnesota

Jake, Suzette, Cody, Grant and I took out some old snowmobiles for a tour through the country side today!

That's Cody on the Yamaha, I drove the John Deere, Jake drove the Johnson, Grant drove the Arctic Cat Panther, and Suzette drove a Yamaha. (Jake - help me out with the years and stuff :)

We had a great time laughing at each other, getting stuck, and trying to keep the sleds running! The pace of the day was set by the Arctic Cat Panther, aka the wenkel that Grant was riding.

It tends to shut off when it gets hot after driving a little ways so whenever it was running we had to keep moving ;)

Grant driving around with the hood up to cool it off ;)

Then when it would stop we'd all stop for a little break. And when he got it running we'd all quick jump on and make our way to the next hill, meadow or lake! We had a tussle with a few of them getting them started but Jake has it figured out what each one needs to start so we were off in no time.

Ooops Suzette didn't make the hill

There's me



At the end of the day we did a little sliding at the neighbors and even took the Scorpion out for a short ride until it broke ;) (I was told it's running again though now so it's all good!)

Here are some more pictures and videos!

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