Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Year!

One year ago today we started this blog as we were planning our trip to Germany and Switzerland! Since then we went on our Europe trip, adopted our two kitties Junebug and Everest, attempted to climb the Grand Teton, became auntie and uncle to our little niece Ella, Grant took a trip to Canada to kayak, we ventured to Madison WI to visit Jess and Megan, we visited Dad in Philadelphia, worked on a couple projects at home, and took advantage of some canoeing and camping in Minnesota! It's been a fun year and 2010 is off to a good start with some Minnesota trips already under our belts and another excursion to Philadelphia coming up! The rest of our year is still up in the air as we try to figure out our travel plans and the best way to maximize our vacation time :) Happy Travels!!


  1. I sure am glad you started this blog. I look at it everyday in case something new has happened or going to happen.
    Keep the adventures going!!!!!!!!


  2. What a great job you two do on this blog! I love reading about the adventures you go on! Real life stories...priceless! Love ya!

    Mom Marla


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