Sunday, February 28, 2010


I haven't posted about our kitties, Junebug and Everest for awhile. So, I figure it's time for an update! I guess they really aren't kitties anymore but I like to call them that. They will be one year old already in April! It's crazy how much they've grown and changed since we got them!

Junebug is still more social than Everest. She insists on sitting on your lap or walking back and forth in front of you if you're on the computer (or anywhere you're sitting for that matter).

Anytime you come close to her when she's on the floor she flops over so you'll scratch her belly. She loves that :)

Everest is a little more picky about when he's held or cuddled. Sometimes all he wants is for you to scratch his neck, other times he doesn't want anything to do with you and sometimes (usually at night when I'm trying to check my email) he will not leave you alone and jumps onto your lap until you push him off. Then he stands with his paws on your legs and looks sad until you let him up again. Then he'll constantly rub on you and nudge your hands until you quit typing and pet him. He's so silly. Here he is napping on the back of the couch:

And looking cute:

I took them outside the other day so they could explore the snow. Everest had a great time and didn't want to come inside.

Junebug on the other hand was a little freaked and mostly stayed by the door and just wanted to go back inside.

It's kinda funny - they seem to switch personalities when they're outside. :) Everest is more social outside and Junebug tries to hide. Those crazy cats!


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