Sunday, February 28, 2010


I haven't posted about our kitties, Junebug and Everest for awhile. So, I figure it's time for an update! I guess they really aren't kitties anymore but I like to call them that. They will be one year old already in April! It's crazy how much they've grown and changed since we got them!

Junebug is still more social than Everest. She insists on sitting on your lap or walking back and forth in front of you if you're on the computer (or anywhere you're sitting for that matter).

Anytime you come close to her when she's on the floor she flops over so you'll scratch her belly. She loves that :)

Everest is a little more picky about when he's held or cuddled. Sometimes all he wants is for you to scratch his neck, other times he doesn't want anything to do with you and sometimes (usually at night when I'm trying to check my email) he will not leave you alone and jumps onto your lap until you push him off. Then he stands with his paws on your legs and looks sad until you let him up again. Then he'll constantly rub on you and nudge your hands until you quit typing and pet him. He's so silly. Here he is napping on the back of the couch:

And looking cute:

I took them outside the other day so they could explore the snow. Everest had a great time and didn't want to come inside.

Junebug on the other hand was a little freaked and mostly stayed by the door and just wanted to go back inside.

It's kinda funny - they seem to switch personalities when they're outside. :) Everest is more social outside and Junebug tries to hide. Those crazy cats!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making My Own Tent with Ed (ski-pulk Ed)

I work on the side with Ed B (Eddy Money in my book). I assist him in building ski pulks. Ed is a jack of all trades guy and I enjoy learning from his random thoughts (good thoughts). Ed built a large tee-pee tent a few years back that always interested me. I told him that he had to teach me the steps in making a tent. So, to start making my own tent, we searched for some light weight material for the tent. We chose a light weight cordura type material with a waterproof membrane. We cut 3 pieces at 20 ft long and had them sewn together giving us a 20X15 piece of material.

We then cut a circle/cylinder shape out of the fabric. We wanted to use the most amount of fabric possible (least waste). The image on the right is the finished raw product. Just envision a cone type structure standing with one single pole up the middle. The chunk of pie that is cut out will meet and that is where the zipper will be sewn in. I will also sew in a reinforced patch at the peak to prevent the pole from damaging the fabric. There will be about 11 webbing loops sewn in around the bottom of the tent to stake it out. I also can not forget the fiberglass patch that I will sew in so I can put a stove and chimney in for warm winter camping. The center poles are aluminum of different circumferences so they nest in each other for convenient space saving. I will post more pics as I make progress. If you want more details, feel free to comment and I will do my best to fill you in.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Snowmobiling in Minnesota

Jake, Suzette, Cody, Grant and I took out some old snowmobiles for a tour through the country side today!

That's Cody on the Yamaha, I drove the John Deere, Jake drove the Johnson, Grant drove the Arctic Cat Panther, and Suzette drove a Yamaha. (Jake - help me out with the years and stuff :)

We had a great time laughing at each other, getting stuck, and trying to keep the sleds running! The pace of the day was set by the Arctic Cat Panther, aka the wenkel that Grant was riding.

It tends to shut off when it gets hot after driving a little ways so whenever it was running we had to keep moving ;)

Grant driving around with the hood up to cool it off ;)

Then when it would stop we'd all stop for a little break. And when he got it running we'd all quick jump on and make our way to the next hill, meadow or lake! We had a tussle with a few of them getting them started but Jake has it figured out what each one needs to start so we were off in no time.

Ooops Suzette didn't make the hill

There's me



At the end of the day we did a little sliding at the neighbors and even took the Scorpion out for a short ride until it broke ;) (I was told it's running again though now so it's all good!)

Here are some more pictures and videos!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmobiling from Grey Eagle to Glenwood MN (and some random kiting and snowboarding!)

Grant and I hung out around the parent's place this weekend for some random central MN fun! Friday night we ate at the Hub Supper Club. We used our 'steak for two' certificate they gave us for our wedding since we had our reception there :) It was tasty as usual - they have the best salad bar! We stayed at Mom and Dad's that night and said bye to them at the butt crack of dawn when they left for Wyoming - lucky ducks ;) Another snowmobile trip for them! Saturday morning we got up and had a Minnesota snowmobiling trip of our own. Pretty sure it's been at least five years since either Grant or I have snowmobiled in Minnesota. We always make trips to Wyoming and had been renting snowmobiles until this year. So, we decided to take our snowmobiles out for a ride!

We rode to the Hinnenkamp's and picked up Jaker to take a ride to Lake Minnewaska where Brody and Angie were hanging out for the weekend.

We took the Scorpion out for a cruise before we left the Hinnenkamps.

From Grey Eagle we took the trail to Big Birch Lake. We went across the lake and then hopped back on the trail through the State Park to Melrose. Here's a Minnesota Snowmobile Trail Map of where we were for this part. From Melrose we rode the Wobegon Trail to Sauk Centre and then just rode the road ditch along highway 28 the rest of the way. Here's a map of that section. On the way back we took the road ditch and then got on the trail to go to West Union and back to Sauk Centre. Here's Jake stuck :)

Once we got to Glenwood/Lake Minnewaska we relaxed for a bit and then headed out onto the lake for some creative fun. Brody and Angie have been learning how to snow kite. Apparently to learn to snowboard better you can practice behind a four wheeler or snowmobile or similar vehicle. So, we took turns pulling each other around the lake :)

Me trying out the snowboarding.

Grant dodging the kite

Brody showing Jake how to control the kite

Angie trying out the 'death machine'

Brody pulling Grant

Here are some videos. Here's Grant pulling Angie:

And Grant pulling me:

Here's Jake and Brody practicing flying the kite

And Angie's first time on a snowmobile aka 'Death Machine!'

And more pics and videos!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MN Wild Hockey Game!

Grant and I got tickets to a Wild hockey game today! Neither of us had ever been to a game so it was a fun time :) They ended up losing 3 to 2 to the Coyotes but at least we got to hear the big horn blow twice! I don't know much about hockey but I think we had some good seats: Section 102, Row 8, Seats 11 and 12. Here are some pics of the action:

They're so fast - it's hard to get good pics!

And here's us enjoying our first hockey game!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Year!

One year ago today we started this blog as we were planning our trip to Germany and Switzerland! Since then we went on our Europe trip, adopted our two kitties Junebug and Everest, attempted to climb the Grand Teton, became auntie and uncle to our little niece Ella, Grant took a trip to Canada to kayak, we ventured to Madison WI to visit Jess and Megan, we visited Dad in Philadelphia, worked on a couple projects at home, and took advantage of some canoeing and camping in Minnesota! It's been a fun year and 2010 is off to a good start with some Minnesota trips already under our belts and another excursion to Philadelphia coming up! The rest of our year is still up in the air as we try to figure out our travel plans and the best way to maximize our vacation time :) Happy Travels!!
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