Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowmobiling the Wyoming Range in Alpine, Wyoming

Overview: Our annual snowmobiling trip with the Hinnenkamps and the Schnells over Christmas break was another success! We decided to try a new place this year since we’d been riding Togwotee Pass for the last couple years and the Snowies or Big Horns prior to that.

How we got there: We usually take Hwy 23 to southern Minnesota and then I-90 across South Dakota to Gillette, Wy. From there we take 59 south to Casper and Hwy 26 the rest of the way to Dubois, over Togwotee Pass, through Moran and Jackson and down to Alpine. That’s the route we took home this time but on the way out we had to find some back roads since the interstates were closed due to the snow storm. We took 17 South out of Sioux Falls to 44 west which changes to 18 in Winner and then at Martin we went south to 20 in Nebraska and then up to Casper on our usual route.

Stopping at the Snake River Overlook before heading south to Alpine! Ahhh the Tetons!

Where we stayed: We rented an awesome house right in town. See details here. It was beautiful and very reasonably priced. We had six adults and two kids with us. It could easily sleep 6 more people because there was a double bed, two bunks and a futon we didn’t even use.

View from the house.

Me, Cody, Grant, Suzette and Jake hanging out in the living room.

Uncle Darrell, Suzette and Mom in the kitchen.

Trails: The trails from Alpine were great! Click here for a map of the Wyoming Range and Salt River Range trail system. From the house we stayed at it was about 2 miles to the start of the trail. We drove along the road and across the bridge over the Grey’s River to get to the trail. It wasn’t far at all. There was maybe a foot of snow in Alpine (this was a low snow year) and riding through town wasn’t a problem. Others had ridden in the ditch along the road where we were driving. There is also a parking lot at the beginning of the trail if you are hauling sleds in.

The main trail is the Grey’s River Trail, or trail A on the map. We had to take this trail for 5-10 miles every day since it’s the only one until you get out a ways. The scenery is great along the trail. You follow along the river which is really pretty with snow covered trees lining it. We saw some wildlife – a moose and some elk a couple days. Once we got through that part of the trail we took the D trail a couple days and also tried the C trail. We also stayed on the A trail one day to E trail to check out Blind Bull. A section of the D trail was not groomed yet but we found our way. This was our first trip to this area so we rode more trails than usual so we could find our way around. There are some nice open meadows to play in right off the trails.

Climbing a hill somewhere near the Blind Bull warming hut. That's Grant ;)

Me, Dad, Jake, Uncle Darrell, Cody and Grant.

Day 3 - Grant's ready to ride! Nice hair-do!

Cody's ready to go too!

Found some snow today! We love the Wyoming snow :)


Me a little out of practice for carving.

Uncle Darrell and Dad navigating - hmmm where are we?

Grant showing off and loving the powder.

Day 4 - Mom going up a hill after much contemplation.


Snow's deep today folks - quote from Grant ;)


Mom, Dad and Grant on break. Riding in deep snow requires a lot of breaks.

Darrell and Jake. Yup, snow's still deep.

Lunch break - Mom, Dad, Cody and Grant.

Woooo hoooo

Why's Jake always out of focus? Maybe because he's always doing mach 90 as Grant says!

We love the snow! Did I mention that?

Snow conditions: This was a lower snow year than the last couple. We talked to several people and they said the past few years they’ve had a lot more snow this time of year. When we were there the snotel site at Blind Bull was reporting around 30”. The sage brush was sticking out in a lot of places but the trails were well-groomed and had enough snow. The third, fourth and fifth days it snowed about two feet in some places so then we had good off-trail riding!


From Jake's helmet cam :)


  1. Those are great pictures!!!! What is up with that Jake out of focus. Oh man I want to go back for more!!!!!


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